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Milliedale on Sea - A spot of history,

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Well, we're pretty much up to date, the hard work starts, mainly trying to pull the baseboards out of the loft so that I can mark the plan onto the plywood, work out where access gaps are needed in the board for point motors (servos) and get raised track sections built. 


the plan is to have remote uncoupling using DG couplings, but I've not succesfully been able to build them without the dropper arms falling off, hopefully get some progress on this front

Once the boards are out and marked up they'll be returned to the railway room but the wrong way round so I'll be viewing from the land side instead of sea as the plan is to build the back of the layout first. 

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So, today's progress. 


I've started tracing the track plan onto the boards, I'll have to do this twice, once on the board itself so everything is marked to figure out where to cut access panels etc and again for the actual track bed. 


Tracing has been done using carbon paper and is going well




However I am wondering if the marshalling yard sidings might be a little tight? 




Peco's gauge gives two track spacings, ''set track'' and 'streamline' the latter being the narrower of the two. 


The sidings here are based on the short turn-outs and simply take the track spacing a ladder of turnouts gives me. Measuring this with a ruler it's 12mm which is a scale 6ft and two wagons grabbed at random seem ok sat on the lines. 


I'm wondering if it might be ok provided nothing with outside cylinders goes looking for a train! 

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The in-laws arrive next Wednesday and currently their bedroom looks like this  :D

Boards B (being marked out), C & D below it. 




The space between rail and road is a bit narrower than I thought but it won't be easily viewable from the ends so may not matter... 




The Old Crown pub in it's expected position on the seafront, and the possible location of Hangover St, the location of the 'Old Cobblers' 


Speaking of the Old Cobblers, they've been busy aquiring details of how the B&B's along the front (next to the Crown) used to look









Can you tell I've added an extra floor? 

Hopefully it does look like the kind of house that became B&B's in the early - mid 1900s 


Any recollections of B&B's and holidays to the seaside very welcome :)
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All boards are traced and the whole layout turned through 180deg to fit back into the loft so that I can start building the raised section across the back.


Thought it best to have a look at how things fit, there's a bit less space than first thought for buildings but I'm thinking it's too late to tweek the track plan, partly because I've bought the track, partly because any change would have a knock on effect to another part of the layout!




Thinking the best thing is to crack on and build the raised sections and then fit things around the track

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Quick test of the single piece DG coupling loops. 

I did make one on Monday, but it wasn't great so tried again tonight. 
Unfortunately I can't make anymore as the last of my wire went that-a-way when cutting it ------->
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