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(Modern image) 90"s to 2000 Diesel Loco"s...


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This is my home layout,its based on Modern image,from 1990"s to current day.

Its 8ft long by 7ft wide at one end, and 4ft wide at the other end.The layout has its own train room in my house,

Ive had this layout for many years,since i was kid.

just wont part with it. Ive stripped it down and re-built,three times :no: over the years.

Ive been building this layout as well as "banks road" at our model club.

This is how my home layout looks at the moment,lots of detail,scenery, and traction.... :locomotive:




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yeah go for it neil.the possibilities in the loft are endless.i had my old layout in the shed and decided after 2 years of standing out in the cold that i wanted to have a layout some where warm. so thats when i decided to go in the loft back in november last year.i started insulating it in december just before xmas and well the rest you know.i have never looked back since mate.

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