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(Modern image) 90"s to 2000 Diesel Loco"s...


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Here is my latest project,

Using the body off 37514,ive changed the side cab grills on the 37/5, back to small grills.

Ive also got new front split head code nose,ready for fitting.

Ive mis shaped the side pannels on the 37 body,and painted patches of primer and rust effects.

plan is to have this 37 loco,as 37107 in RFD livery.

But i want to make it "look like" its al most at the end of its working life...


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Well ive finaly got my new 37 front nose, "split head code" onto the body,im well pleased now :no:.

 Ive also this afternoon painted the split head code box lights on my EWS 37114,just how it looked at Bescot few years back :sungum:  :locomotive:

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Ive dry brushed the 37 chassie,using Humbrol matt 26 brown,and for fuel spillage matt 33 black.

Ile lightly weather the chassie nexted..

This is how RFD 37107 now looks....


That looks well and truly knackered!!  Great job !!!!!!!!!

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