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(Modern image) 90"s to 2000 Diesel Loco"s...

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On 31/01/2021 at 06:36, DavidMcKenzie said:

That's a cracking photo! Very realistic. 


All the best,


Are thanks Dave very kind sir:sungum:

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Been busy again adding to the inside parts of the scratch built signal box.

wil have more pictures on this to follow coming days..



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Been weathering and rusting more dutch livery seacows again!!

these ones in photos are for frend i do commission work for..





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Been while due to having lots of commission weathering on workbench.

but now ive started another depot scratch build for my Colmore east repair works..

please follow my new project build leave comments below...




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  • 2 weeks later...

Another long but fun update here,between my commission weathering work.

ive now got few more hours done on my own modelling.

so its full on with my scratch build two road diesel depot..

1)so far ive built over head rolling crane.

2) wall mounted electric boxs

3)depot cables and pipe works..




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