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A frivolous exercise in N Gauge Modelling! Free card kits for 4 wheel coaches

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Remember those Highfield coach kits from years ago that featured a card based body with coloured overlays?


I though it might be fun to attempt something similar to produce 4 wheelers to fit on the Peco 15' WB Steel Wagon Chassis Kit (NR-122). 


Now if you are a finescale modeller after highly accurate models jump topic quickly. These are based on no actual prototype or dimensions. My first attempt is in the GWR style with two liveries.


Please bear in mind that the GWR is not my area of expertese and I suspect there are lots wrong. I have left the coach end plain at present as I have no idea what colour they should be.


Artwork has been produced in Inkscape and I would be happy to share it so further variations can be attempted if anyone is interested.


I have spaced out a 5 compartment as a third but am not certain whether it is too cramped.


I really should be doing something more productive than playing with this ;-)





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I don't remember the Highfield GWR coach. A quick search of past auctions on ebay brought to light far more in the range than I originally remembered especially with regard to wagons.


Anyway, I have taken the liberty of emphasising the lining and lettering on the coaches so they show up better when printed.




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As promised a few construction photos.


Print off the body on plain paper and glue to thin card. Cerial packet should be ok.


Cut out and score along the fold lines, form the lower sides around a round pencil or other former, then fold up,




All joints glued with contact adhesive.



Roll roof and glue in place.



Paper ends cut out and glued in place then painted black. Roof painted grey.



Sides cut out and attached and posed on chassis.



Some tidying up still to do!


Enjoy. Happy to see any photos of completed models if anyone can be bothered to give them a try.

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PGN on here was going to re-issue the Highfield NER kits and sent me some to build which I haven't got around to - he hasn't been on the forum for a long long time though so i've no idea what the current state of play is, very nice chap

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Just found this topic by accident, I have been looking for 4 wheeled coaches in N gauge for a long time so I have had a go at  one of these, just to see if they would work. I tried to add a clerestory roof as well, this is my try out just to see if it worked with better card and more time taken over them I am sure they will make into a very reasonable take to go behind my union mills GWR engines thanks for sharing your prints.


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They're lovely Mike, a great idea! Thankyou. A few of the MR ones will look just right behind a Spinner!2536080_P1100941(1024x613).jpg.cbdaa0255f97c3a20e51d30626bfa681.jpg

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I've been having a lot of fun with these, since seeing a reference to them in the N gauge Journal a couple of issues back. Thanks so much for doing them.


I have taken a slightly different, and much easier path though. I've amended the sizing slightly, so that they match up with the old Graham Farish four wheelers, and simply printed out the sides and stuck them directly onto the Farish coaches. I don't feel so bad about that, as mine had been repainted badly a few times over the years, and I can't even remember which livery they had originally.


I've also acquired a couple of the old Shredded Wheat promo carriages which were also produced by GF and have the same dimensions as their other four wheel coaches, so the sides can be fitted to those as well.


I'm sure there's an easier way of resizing the images, but the way I did it was to open the .pdf file in Irfanview and save it as a .jpg. I then crop the image of the single coach side required, rename and save it as another .jpg file, which I then reopen in Irfanview. I enlarged the view  to tidy things up if the cropping left any white lines, and also to tweak the colours if needed. Once completed resize the image to 6.3cm x 1.5cm. If you need more than one side of the same type printed, then you can tile the images. Cut out carefully and glue to the side of the carriage. If doing a brake end, then you'll need to file/dremel off the guards lookout. 


OK I'm not suggesting you do this to mint S&D four wheelers, which go for very silly money these days, but if you've got any less than perfect examples, or even better the yellow Shredded Wheat ones, this is an easy and fun way to change the liveries around. Thanks again.

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