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Jim’s “out and about with GBRf” thread

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Always enjoy hearing about your exploits Jim, not one day seems to be the same! 

May seem a bit of an obvious question but when you uncouple and leave a train do you have to handbrake every wagon in the train or is there some sort of automatic device that's deemed safe enough? 

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I’ll leave Jim to say how many handbrakes have to be applied, but I would expect some.  There have been incidents caused by automatic brakes leaking off over time and the wagon(s) running away because no handbrake had been applied.


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I put 10 on just to be safe!

Wouldn't need that many normally in a terminal while being loaded etc but Didn't don’t know how long I was going to be 

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Very strange day in the Midlands yesterday as you say Jim...also a Freightliner failed near Coleshill blocking the line to Nuneaton just east of Whitacre! The 60 still wasn’t well and failed again at Weston on Trent - driver cited brake issues. After you’d attended, another 1Z99 rescue was sent from Toton in the form of 66101, which went to Stenson then reversed and followed the tanks up the SSJ branch, so was stuck behind it when it failed again! So it had to run bang road all the way back to a Stenson, then all the way back to Castle Donington bang road before coupling on the front. You can just see the tug as the rescue loco ran past:




You were 3 hours late...the tanks were 5hrs 40 late when they finally got going with shed.

Thanks as ever for the heads up about working EMG, I couldn’t get out yesterday until after work unfortunately.



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32 minutes ago, big jim said:

Forgot to do any updates the last couple of days, been concentrating on the fitness thread!


anyway did a ballast drop between Ludlow and hereford on Sunday night 


basford hall





unusually the drop was not done in a possession as it was cess side only so it was line speed between drop sites with the adjacent line open to traffic (but nothing booked to pass anyway) never done it that way before but it was much simpler than a possession as it meant it could be done quicker as the drops sites were some 15-20 mile apart


hereford after a change ends 



Face mask GWR unit 



Ready to head north




Ludlow after the drop and ready to head back to crewe 



Then last night should have been 196 testing but tut got cancelled just as I stepped into the unit!


small Heath ballast running round 



EMR 170 on loan back to WMR 





So that was it, so I thought, got a call while driving home, can I go to bescot to get a rescue loco and go to east mids gateway with it! 



and onto the failed loco in east mids 



And shunted out of the way 



I had to then stay on until stetchford as the train was so late a possession was put up on its route so had to divert but the driver on board didn’t sign the diversion 




taxi back to bescot and home, hopefully 196s again tonight 



Anyone would think they don't like you playing with the 196s!


Many thanks for all your great photos which are always interesting. 

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22 hours ago, big jim said:

Only one from last night, small Heath to bescot, seen here after arrival into the yard 




bescot to Walsall possession train tonight, one to take on site then back to bescot for the 2nd one to site! 



Is that taken with your phone ?

The definition is brilliant if it is.

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