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Anthony Ashley

North Welsh Coast Railway - Welsh Dragon Rail

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Dear  All,


I am continuing a holiday in the US and Canada. Be back in a month to continue modelling!!!




Anthony Ashley

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Dear All,


I have returned from my holiday in North America. A few of the trail highlights included two trips on the Rock Mountaineer from Seattle to Vancouver and Vancouver to Banff, A trip from Skagway to White pass in Alaska and New York to Washington DC. I may post a few photos on those trips later.


The finale of the holiday was spent at the home of John Dew with his wife Doreen. Sarah and I had a fantastic day enjoying demonstrations on John's layout "Granby" and a lovely lunch. Most of the demonstrations were some fantastic examples of how the TC Gold train controller system can be incorporated into a DCC layout using computer control for complex operations involving a number of schedules. John was very generous with his time in both preparing and setting up the demonstrations and the time to actually show me a great range of TC Gold  operations. I have much to apply to my own layout when I have got enough of it laid to run a few trains, and the demonstrations provided me with much insight and knowledge on the versatility of the system. I would like would to acknowledge and thank John and Doreen for the generosity shown to Sarah and I. It was a very special day and one I shall never forget. 


I have been given approval by John to post some of the pictures taken on the day of "Granby". John's attention to detail in the scenery and small viginettes he has created is second to none, and is a brilliant recreation of a historical past in Britain. It was great to see such a detailed and comprehensive layout, which of course will never "quite be quite finished", but has  little need or room for further improvement. Some of you may have seen many of these scenes on John's RM Web site, but I am very privileged to have approval to add a few more on mine.


This is the view as you enter the layout room looking at the right side of the layout. Tenement houses on the right side and a storage yard behind them.



The other side of the top of the layout features an engine shed and operating computerised turn table . 



One of a number of factory buildings requiring deliveries.



Track to the coal loading shed.



Detailed photo of the coal loading operations on the layout.




Three bridge scene over a canal and factory on the right of the photo. Lock in the fore ground. There is so much detail in the layout it is hard to take it all in on a single visit, as I only noticed the loch on the photo!!



Entrance to the beautiful train station completed with an eye to great detail. It looks like a busy period at the station!!




Soldiers lined up outside the station. Perhaps ready as an escort or maybe due for a train trip. Officers appear to be standing around.




Local cafe "Great Eastern" serving lunch dinner and bar snacks.20190922_151638V3.jpg.6858e8f96295bff9f9338c47268d17e5.jpg


Tenement houses with a window cleaner.






Milk storage 



Signal box with the signalman having a short break.



As you can see from the quality of the scenic areas and track the day was a treat in seeing such remarkable

workmanship in the construction and finishing techniques. Thankyou again John and Doreen for a fantastic day!!




Anthony Ashley


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Hi Anthony


Thank you for those very generous and flattering comments. We are so glad that you and Sarah enjoyed your visit. Granby  gets hardly any visitors from fellow modellers so it was a pleasure indeed to show you the layout.


The photos are brilliant. You have managed to highlight all the good features and gloss over the (many) defects. You have featured some details in the canal scene that I had actually forgotten about....... and I am in that room most days! 


Best Wishes



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