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Pynton Tramway Co - O9


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In the June 2013 issue of Railway Modeller is a 4 page account of my new

layout in "O9" - the "PYNTON TRAMWAY Co". The piece is illustrated by

some excellent Craig Tiley photographs.


The layout portrays an imaginary minimum gauge electric tramway ######

railway somewhere in England in the early 1920's. There is passenger and

goods traffic hauled by electric locomotives and a quarry branch which

is steam only. This necessitates the interesting procedure of changing

the motive power for mineral trains.


Public début will be at the 7mm NG Association AGM and Convention on

Saturday 8 June 2013.




Christopher Payne

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sadly I don't buy RM any longer.

I think this RM is well worth the cover price. Some really outstanding articles and pretty well illustrated with good photography.


I even found the weathering article a good read as it was illustrated by light touch weathering as opposed to the more usual cover it in muck approach. The Railway of the month was pretty impressive, and an interesting trio of articles on modelling kits from the common 16T, to the humble Ratio lineside hut to the more "exotic" metal kit. Lots and lots more to make it worthwhile getting your hands on it.


Not forgetting Pynton Tramway which I would like to see in the flesh (so to speak) as I always find it difficult to get my head around the true scale of O9 - only 7ft including a 3ft FY yet 7mm !

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