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Class "66" photos.....Uk....

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A couple of the local stone working




Eccles Road

05 September 2014

66155 on 6L39, 06:37, Mountsorrel Sdgs - Trowse Yard Redland Siding (11:51) - loaded stone, stickered loco



and one from Wednesday



03 September 2014

66097 on 6M43, 18:13, Trowse Yard Redland Siding - Mountsorrel Sdgs (22:04) - empty stone


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If there is any further info/pictures from anyone regarding unloading, and possible dates for the their onward journey...let us know please.



I have just received this information...........from a third party.



I am informed, most reliably, that at present the plan is to remove 66757 to
66765 as one convoy, using 66753 as the tractor unit....GBRf having authority to do just this!
Please don't shoot the messenger if plans subsequently alter.
0X66 1045 Newport Docks to Doncaster Robert Rds Shed Runs on 8th September 2014 Schedule Information STP schedule UID R03421 Runs on 08/09/2014 only Service code 55462780 Operational Information Schedule from ITPS Timed for 60mph max Diesel locomotive, trailing load 1000 tonnes Driver only operated
WTT    Route    Allowances
Location    Pl    Arr    Dep    Line    Path    Eng    Pth    Prf
Newport Docks            1045                ½
Alexandra Dock Jn. T.C.        1119    1121    RL
Newport (South Wales) [NWP]    URL    pass    1127
Maindee West Jn        pass    1129
Llanwern West Jn        pass    1133            2
Severn Tunnel Junction [sTJ]    2    pass    1146
Chepstow [CPW]        pass    1154
Lydney [LYD]        pass    1203
Awre        pass    1209            1
Gloucester [GCR]    UML    pass    1224
Horton Road Jn        pass    1225    GL
Barnwood Jn.        1227    1241            1    2
Cheltenham Spa [CNM]    2    pass    1253
Ashchurch for Tewkesbury [ASC]    1    pass    1300
Abbotswood Jn        pass    1311
Norton Jn        pass    1313
Worcester Wylds Lane Jn        pass    1318
Worcester T.C.        1323    1333
Worcester Tun Jn Sig 58        pass    1338
Tunnel Jn        pass    1339                2
Droitwich Spa [DTW]        pass    1348
Hartlebury [HBY]        pass    1355                2
Kidderminster [KID]    1    pass    1400                2
Blakedown [bKD]        pass    1406
Stourbridge Junction [sBJ]    2    pass    1411
Rowley Regis [ROW]        pass    1423
Smethwick Jn [sMW]        pass    1427
Galton Jn [XGJ]        pass    1428
Soho North Jn        pass    1431
Soho East Jn        pass    1433                5
Perry Barr West Jn        pass    1441                1
Perry Barr North Jn [XRA]        pass    1443                6
Bescot Stadium [bSC]        pass    1454                ½
Pleck Jn        pass    1457    SL
Walsall [WSL]    3    pass    1459
Ryecroft Jn        pass    1502
Park Lane Jn West Mids [XIA]        pass    1520
Water Orton West Jn        pass    1522
Water Orton [WTO]        pass    1523                2
Coleshill Parkway [CEH]    2    pass    1527
Whitacre Jn [XQW]        pass    1529
Kingsbury Jn [XKI]        1535    1543
Tamworth [TAM]        pass    1551
Wichnor Jn [XWE]        pass    1558
Burton Leicester Jn        pass    1605    GL
Burton-on-Trent [bUT]        1608    1610
Clay Mills Jn        pass    1620
North Stafford Jn        pass    1623
Stenson Jn        pass    1624
Derby [DBY]    1    pass    1630
Broadholme        1642    1657    DPV
Ambergate Jn [XAJ]        pass    1658                8
Clay Cross North Jn        pass    1720    EL
Chesterfield South Jn        pass    1722    DBH
Chesterfield [CHD]    3    pass    1723
Tapton Jn        pass    1724
Barrow Hill South Jn.        pass    1729
Barrow Hill L.I.P.        1731    1903
Barrow Hill South Jn.        1909    1913    GL
Barrow Hill North Jn        pass    1915
Beighton Jn        pass    1921            2
Treeton Jn        pass    1926                4
Masborough Jn        pass    1934                3
Aldwarke Jn        pass    1939
Swinton (South Yorkshire) [sWN]        pass    1944                2
Mexborough [MEX]        pass    1949                1
Hexthorpe Jn        pass    1957    USG            4
Bridge Jn        pass    2004    WSL
Decoy Nth Jn        pass    2007
Doncaster Down Decoy Gbrf        2010    2037
Decoy Nth Jn        pass    2041    DS1
Bridge Jn        pass    2043    GL
St James Jn        pass    2044
Doncaster Robert Rds Shed        2050
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08 September 2014


66718, Sir Peter Hendy CBE, on 6P41, 09:57, Harwich Refinery CRLS SLVS - North Walsham GBRF (12:48) - condensate tanks




How close was I to getting "potted" (shot blocked) by a 90 and coaches ? - a second or two.



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Gbrf 66714 'Cromer Lifeboat' with 6H89 North Blyth - Ferrybridge PS aproaching Newsham (Blyth & Tyne) earlier today.


This rather pleasant location is only a five minute walk from home.






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The 15.08 Wool - Neasden sand train often departs 10 or so minutes early, following the 14.20 Weymouth - Waterloo service to Bournemouth. Before Bournemouth station it waits time for the 15.45 Voyager to depart for Manchester, which it then follows.


Here is this afternoon's train approaching Bournemouth past a Class 444 in the centre sidings waiting to strengthen an up Waterloo service.


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11 Septemeber 2014

66718, Sir Peter Hendy CBE, on 6A33, 14:40, North Walsham GBRF - Harwich Refinery CRLS SLVS (17:53) - loaded condensate tanks



Note quite enough space between the trees to get the whole train in.


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Friday 12th September sees Gbrf 66714 'Cromer Lifeboat' approaching Bedlington (Blyth & Tyne) with 6H89 North Blyth - Ferrybidge PS.









66714 snakes through Bedlington Station which closed 50 years ago.






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Was over at Immingham on friday night,

so poped down to Barnetby railway station :no: to catch the tanks at around 6.30 ish..

They were running 16 mins late,weather was poor though grey sky and misty rain...


Freightliner 66









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With light mist and haze still hanging in the early afternoon, 66007 heads towards Skipton on 22nd September 2014 with 6D72, 11.32 Hull Dairycoates to Rylstone.



A couple of hours later the sun had burnt the mist away when 66025 crosses the bridge over the River Aire with 4D79, 09.53 Redcar to Rylstone.


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