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Invicta to produce ex-Modelzone Ltd. Eds.

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Invicta Model Rail


NEWS RELEASE: Invicta Model Rail to Produce ex Modelzone Limited Editions


Invicta Model Rail, Sidcup, is pleased to announce it has reached agreement with Bachmann Europe PLC to produce all of the former Limited Editions commisioned by Modelzone. 

 Invicta Model Rail is owned and run by Kerry Hollands & Vernon Smith, both of whom worked for Signalbox/Modelzone & Beatties. Kerry was formerly manager of Signalbox, Rochester, while Vernon was an Operations Manager & Buyer for Modelzone, and was responsible for all of the railway and bus Limited Editions produced by Modelzone.     

Arriving w/c 19th August are two Class 24’s – 32-425V D5000 in BR Green (without yellow panels) & 32- 425W RDB968997 in RTC Blue with light weathering.




32-425V Class 24 D5000 BR Green (no yellow warning panels) £84.99 Ltd Edition of 512

Built by BR’s Derby Works, D5000 was completed in July 1958, and was initially allocated to Crewe South shed on the London Midland region, before transferring to the Southern Region in 1959. D5000 was painted in a unique all green livery with single eggshell blue stripe, gaining a yellow panel in 1963, and BR corporate blue livery in 1969. Re-numbered 24005 in 1973, it was finally condemned in 1976.




32-425W Class 24 RDB968997 in RTC Weathered Blue £92.99

Built by BR’s Crewe Works as D5061, the loco led a fairly uneventful life before being transferred to the Research Department in 1976, to     haul test trains.  Renumbered RDB968007 in July 1976, the loco carried BR Blue livery until repainted into red and blue in 1979 and gaining a new number 97201 and the name Experiment. Finally withdrawn in 1986, the loco was subsequently preserved.


Available Post Free By Calling us On 0208 302 7774 

or On Line at www.invictamodelrail.com

Also available in store at 130 Station Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 7AB



Arriving shortly after in Sidcup are two more exciting locomotives and a re railing coach – class 20 La Farge (HNRC) livery, class 08 in lined out blue ‘Liverpool Street Pilot’ & an ex BR BSK Re Railing Coach.




32-027U Class 20 20168 LaFarge/HNRC Livery £94.99 Ltd Edition of 512

Acquired by the Harry Needle Railroad Co in 2001, 20168 was hired to Lafarge to shunt at the company’s Hope Cement Works in Derbyshire.




32-111Y Class 08 ‘liverpool Street Pilot £82.99 Ltd Edn of 512

Originally built as D4000, the loco was later renumbered 08833, and painted in Great Eastern Blue livery, with full lining, and given the name ‘Liverpool Street Pilot’ , named after the London station where the engine spent its working day. Being allocated to Stratford Depot, it carried the Stratford Depot crest of a cockney sparrow, in addition to the BR double arrows. Stratford depot is now long gone, being redeveloped under Stratford International Station, and a shopping mall.




39-175Y BR Mk1 BR Engineers Yellow QQV ADB 977096. £32.99 Limited Edition of 750pcs

Originally BR Mk1 NPCCS 81549, it became part of the Frodingham breakdown train, before moving to Immingham, where it was condemned and scrapped during 2000.


Coming later this year, to go with the RTC Class 24 32-425W, we are producing – 

39-0001W RTC Coach Pack £65.99 Limited Edition of 750pces




Consisting of Lab10, a former BSO used as a match vehicle and Lab 11, a former BSK Coach, which was used as the instrumentation coach in the Tribology Test Train. Both in the popular RTC Blue/Red livery

38-125Y RTC Trib Train Van (bauxite) £24.99 Limited Edition of 504pcs

A purpose built COV-AB van, used to induce/inhibit wheel slipping, as part of the Tribology Test Train, in bauxite livery with RTC markings.


We are now taking pre orders on all of the former Modelzone Limited Edition Commisions, including the Brake Post Office Tender, and OO Gauge CCT vans. Please see on line at www.invictamodelrail.com for more details, or contact us on 0208 302 7774


We are currently working on additional, new Limited edition products, more details to follow soon!



Any Enquires on this release should be directed to –

Vernon Smith 0208 302 7774 or e mail [email protected]

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The class 24 D5000 is tempting because it was a Willesden engine, however, there are a couple of errors on the L.E. Firstly the large grille was split to accommodate the bodyside stripe, and secondly it had those large Athermos axle boxes. The temptation is too great!! Resistance is futile!


Edit: class 24, not 25

Edited by Baby Deltic
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I'm tempted by the Liverpool St pilot - can anyone enlighten me as to what period this would be suitable for, please?




Mid/Late 80's ( IIRC late '86 but could be earlier ) until mid 91 when it was converted to 09101.





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D5000 is already in stock (mine went into the post this lunchtime!) but it seems that Bachmann haven't included any certificates!  If you want it as a model to use and don't need the certificate, you can have in in hours! Collectors and those who want a certificate will, so I was told this morning, need to wait about a fortnight!


Also, Kerry's conversation this morning implied that for pre-orders, they will take contact details at the time of ordering and then phone for card details when the models come into stock - nice and civilized!


If you had any pre-orders via Signal Box or Modelfair for these Bachmann Exclusives, you do need to re-order with INVICTA.



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It's certainly good news that someone has confidence in the viability of the hobby and these limited editions. Good luck to them.


None of those are 'my thing' but it's really good to hear that someone has had the courage to pick up the opportunity - best of luck to Invicta, another 'local model shop with something extra'.


Doesn't the BPOS interest you then, Mike? I shall certainly be ordering a B/G one and a couple of Mk1 CCTs.

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Further to our news  release regarding the former Modelzone Limited Editions, I have been asked to clarify the situation regarding orders placed for the Limited Editions with Modelzone –


We currently have been unable to obtain orders placed in Modelzone stores, Signalbox or via the Modelzone web site, so any customers who have placed orders previously with Modelzone or Signalbox will need to contact Invicta Model Rail, Sidcup to re-order their models with Invicta Model Rail. Should orders outstrip the quantity produce orders will be allocated fairly, on a first come, first served basis & orders for multiples of the same item may see the quantity alloacted to individual cusomers reduced.


If you have any further questions, please contact Invicta Model Rail, Sidcup on 0208 302 7774

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None of those are 'my thing' but it's really good to hear that someone has had the courage to pick up the opportunity - best of luck to Invicta, another 'local model shop with something extra'.


I'd just like to add my best wishes for their future success. I recently bought a body and tender from Invicta on ebay and both their service and despatch times were outstanding. I hope this proves to be a successful venture for them.



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The products were on show at Midland Railex at the weekend.


The 24s are now in stock with the green one selling very strongly. I was very taken with the faded blue weathered finish though and I think it's the first time Bachmann have done a faded blue and it would certainly lend itself to re-numbering. I like the fluid staining on the side too.






The Class 20 is imminent and the 08 isn't far away either.






The BG liveries will be here soon too.









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I would just like to say I got an excellent service by Invicta. I emailed them about the missing handrail on my D5000 and they apologised and said that they don't stock them, but they have found a loco with a loose handrail and removed it and its in the post.


10/10 for service.

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I got myself a D5000 on Saturday. Gave it a run on my test track before taking the body off to fit a decoder.


The body is retained by 4 screws but I ended up with 5 in my hand. 


The smaller of the screws was found to be from the plastic speaker mounting. It looks like the hole and / or thread is too large in one of these fixing points as it couldn't be screwed back in. Invicta were more than happy to replace the loco for me but the screw isn't essential so kept the loco.


Hopefully mine is the only one with this but just be careful in case there is a loose screw that might be lodged on the circuit board or in the mechanism.


Looking forward to adding the detail pack and weathering it for running on Star Lane down the Brighton mainline.



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It looks more like a BCK, 5 compartment windows with uneven spacing and an extra toilet. Nothing like a BSO


they could do Test Coach Mercury RDB975280 which was an ex-BCK - some mods needed for the brake end due to having a generator fitted, but at least is the right coach type!

also, it ran in regular trains (albeit WCML only in red/blue days i think) so no need to have a RTC-only train.



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