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Class 20 "chopper" new and old photos...

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From 1981 I think (possibly 1980 or 82), and relatively unusual that far south on the MML, a pair at Kettering, the second with headcode blinds still in place. Can't quite read the number (of the 2nd one) off the scan.


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20192 but I think you'll find the second one is still in green livery as the number is below the double arrow on the cab, probably hadn;t been through it's overhaul



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Some of the negs on that film have a bit of a green cast, so I wasn't really sure about the livery.

I may have some notes somewhere to shed some light on the ID of the second 20 above. Don't hold your breath though.

Looking again at the scan, it could possibly be 20173 or 20175 or 20178 (i.e. a rounded double-storey last digit, and not very fat 3rd and 4th digits), but it wouldn't stand up in court. 

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