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Class 20 "chopper" new and old photos...

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A few more from the Grimsby area; 


Top is the rest of the afternoon at Brocklesby, then West Marsh sidings in the snow, and a single image on the un-gated crossing on the line into Grimsby Docks


Also I've started another thread about the Grimsby Tioxide works with my own photos 




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Yes very nice Mick.

I did see 20 088 back in the day and thought that particular livery suited the class well. Others may disagree though.

Sadly, the only class 20 picture I'd want to post here never got taken! It was the only time I got haulage, a pair from Scarborough to Seamer in the mid 80's. I cant even remember the numbers, but friends were changing at Seamer to go on to York and took a freshly repainted 47 instead of waiting to see what turned up on the following service. They were kicking themselves when they got off at York and saw the 20's pulling in a few minutes later!

All I recall is they were disc headcode locos but the rest is lost to my fading memory. A mate who worked on the York - Scarborough line had a photo I think but again, this is long gone.



This thread has re-awakened my memory of my brief trip behind the 20's.


I'm just wondering if there might be a record of which 20's worked what Summer Saturday holiday trains in the early 80's? I've had a search online without joy, but if I could find a definative list of which 20's visited Scarborough, it may assist me identifying the pair I'm interested in.


Any help would be greatly received.





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Here's a few DRS examples, I've realised I have as many railtour workings as I do on flasks! A few 'mixed doubles' to begin with:


37611 leads 20303 past Coaley with a pair of FNAs in tow on 6M67 Bridgwater - Crewe CLS 11/3/11



20303 leads 37059 on 6M69 Sizewell - Willesden passing Camden Road 25/8/11


Just 'Choppers' from here on:


20304 leads 20301 past Callow Hill on 6M67 Bridgwater - Crewe 9/3/10



20308 leads 20309 away from Bristol Temple Meads on 1Z37 Gloucester - Penzance 25/6/11



20312 leads 20308 past Thingley Junction working 1Z61 from Crewe to Southampton Dock. 37409 was on the back 5/5/12


A final one, taken this morning:


20303 and 20308 pass the site of Malago Vale Carriage Sidings working 1Z18 Crewe - Kingswear, an additional working for the Dartmouth Regatta. The '20s' were working hard as the train powered (loudly!!) away from its Bristol Temple Meads stop 30/8/13



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