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Class 20 "chopper" new and old photos...

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14 October 2013



20003 and 20301, Max Joule 1968-1999, on 6L70, 01:27, Crewe Coal Sidings - Leiston (for Sizewell) - flask 550021





20301, Max Joule 1968-1999, and 20303 on 6M69, 15:42, Leiston (for Sizewell) - Willesden Brent Sidings - flask 550021




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Thanks class 66
I always liked the look of the 20's
as they looked so different from any other mainline loco

We never saw many of them, down here in South Wales though, until a couple came to Canton for trials
They used to pop up at Severn Tunnel Junction,
so we used to take train trips there, in the hope of catching them....
We used to call them "bombs" - due to their whistling sound 

I'm glad someone started this thread :)

EDIT: But the most amusing nickname I've heard for 20's is "Whistling Wardrobes"!

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A couple of shots taken a few years back
at the Gloucester & Warwickshire Railway,
at their superb post-Christmas bash

I've included a Black & White version of one of them too
as in B&W it almost looks as though it may have been taken decades back.....




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