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Hello all, thought I would share this. Started it two years ago, but had issues with the running qualities, so recently I took it back out and stripped it down and improved the running. Now I'm happy that its complete and finished. 







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Detailing those grain wagons was one of the first things I did to improve a wagon. Two things (not that there's anything wrong with what you've done up to now):


I can't tell whether you've opened up the end windows (they were plated over by BR and that's what the Parkside model has) - I open then up and use glue and glaze or similar to represent glass.


I don't think you've got the end handrail right. It's not an easy shape, but it curves up in one single piece towards the centre line of the roof, steps out over the end stanchion, goes up over the end of the roof and arches down into where it's secured, turning to be vertical as it does so.


Paul Bartlett's photos may help. I think there's a handle on the side hatch as well?


The colour is good - we all make most of our LNER wagons too light, me included.

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The colour is good - we all make most of our LNER wagons too light, me included.

Not all of us, I use the Phoenix Precision NE freight grey on all my unfitted NE wagons, it's pretty much the same colour as on Nelson's above. :)

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Hello everyone, 


I hope we are all safe and sound during these awful times! The only good thing to come from it however is more time at the workbench! 

For me I have now finished university, and due to the pandemic it was a rush of chaotic mayhem, but I'm glad to say everything is done and dusted! I was also selected for a job interview, but due to the virus, this has been postponed. So it's just a waiting game. 


Enough about real world problems, me and rubbish! I almost visit the forum daily and it's just so good to check out what other people are getting up to. So I hope to do the same! There have also been a number of notifications from post reactions and approval, from over the past couple of months, which I am very grateful of, so thank you!  

During my time at university, my modelling has been progressing at a snails pace! And even at that, my military modelling comes out on top! So hopefully that'll change.


One thing I did do over lockdown was restore this NCC rail chair. I obtained it a while ago and decided to clean it up using a wire brush. Once that's done, gave it a coat of red oxide, gloss black and outlined the letters in white. 


Take care! 



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I've got a BR one, languishing in the shed, and a few tins of primers and black gloss paint....this has given me a good idea now! 

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Hello all, 


Just a quick update to share with you all. I've been doing quite a lot in the background but thought I would share this with you all. 


GNR(I) Y5 Passenger Van from Provincial Wagons. 


Available as a resin kit or Ready To Run (RTR). 


The kit is complete with metal buffer heads, metal wheels, tension lock couplings and transfers. 


Email Leslie McAllister at,
 [email protected] 
or check out rest of the range on the Provincial Wagons website. 


Stay safe everyone! 

Nelson. image.jpeg.e0f1f4b686f33163778a43bae1a064f4.jpeg





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