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1. Dover Priory, Kent.

David Todd

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Thank you for taking the time, for posting previously.


As the new,subtitle implies, a decision made.

After upgrading certain parts of the electrical system.


The following photos show what has been removed from the Dover Priory section.


Platform 1 had been removed,it will be removed again.

I will be working from the back scene in stages to the front of the base boards.


Work may well start next week when I return home.


Most of the DP section had unfinished pieces and a lot not in a fixed position, I hope to rectify this.





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13 minutes ago, lmsforever said:

Really good photos good job the weather was calm and bright  ,how high where you?


The photos were taken through a glass window.

Next time,we may hire a biplane, wing walking and outside toilets.

Probably 600 feet.

As Dover Castle is close by,we had to clear it by minimum of 500 feet.






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Double photo.
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