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Last Orders for Coffee

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This really is last orders for these items. We have bought all the remaining stocks of Type 1 Coffee Pots (the one without the rear cab) from Ixion in the UK and have imported the last of the Type 2's (with the rear cab and sold out in the UK for months) from Ixion in Australia. As this is posted there are seven type 1's and twenty type 2's left. When these are gone that's the lot and there won't be any more. Conversations with Ixion lead me to think that there won't be a rerun any time soon either.


The models are DC but DCC/Sound ready as they come but we also offer them converted to DCC or DCC and sound. In both cases they come with ZIMO decoders equipped with stay alive capability. The sound versions come fitted with a larger than standard speaker in a modified housing on the underframe and our own custom sound files, The sounds aren't of the original coffee pot loco preserved in Australia but are industrial steam loco sounds from a loco of about the right proportions.  A variety of whistle types are offered if you want more than one but don't want them to sound the same

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Paul is right about a re-run. We need to guarantee 500 sales to make it viable. If we do another run, it will be in a different livery.



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