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North East Model Railway


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My interest lies in the operation of the Railway. I wanted to build a model which was a reflection of the railway I grew up beside. Preserved lines are great if you want to see what a branch line looked like in the age of steam but most were never visited by an A4 or most of the large locomotives that tend to be on display. This layout sets out to portray the look and feel of four track main lines with lots of routes and an amount of rolling stock which reflects the time, 1962. There are no 'helicopter' views or track plans, in order to look at this layout you must see it from the perspective I saw it as a child. This layout was built to be viewed from the inside looking out. Take a ride. New videos are posted each week.


Below are links. The videos are mostly filmed on board the trains.
First, there are over 130 videos on my youtube channel.
Second, the blog has articles which describe the building of the layout and answers questions arising from the Youtube videos
Last, my facebook page has additional information and links and has monochrome versions of some of the videos.


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