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Lines in the Landscape

Peter Kazmierczak

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East Midlands Trains 158774 heads round the 'set track curve' towards the 'fiddle yard' with 1R66, 06:52 Norwich to Liverpool Lime Street on 10th March 2015.  The front unit was 158862.




Edited to add number of front unit.

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Not got many photos that could be posted into this catagory as I tend to get close-ups of loco's and delete anything were the loco number cant be read in the photo.  Here's two that avoided the delete button due to the location.  Sorry but not taken with the greatest of digital cameras.  Might have to invest in a new one . . . . . 

Colas Rail 56302 on the S&C working the Ribblehead to Chirk log train crossing the Ribblehead viaduct in September 2013.



Just crossed the viaduct.  Could probably get a good silhouette of the train here in a different light.



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A couple of HSTs on the Lickey.






And finally a Sprinter somewhere between Kidderminster and Droitwich on a rather cold day. I recall there had been several days of sub zero day time temperatures in a row and everything was white including the sky. I've no idea where the frost ends and the sky starts in this one.






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Edale again (see also posts 45 and 67), but this time a landscape picture in portrait orientation.




Sometimes it's good to swallow the train in the landscape by omitting the sky/horizon, but here I think including it gives a good sense of scale. 


(Thanks also due to my other half, who spent the day tramping round the barren moors N of the Snake Pass, so I cadged a lift and asked when and where she'd like to be picked up - Snake Inn of course)

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A couple from Barmouth in Wales over the Easter bank holiday.  A nice seaside town with a famous mostly wooden railway bridge at 699 meters long apparantly and is single track.


An Arriva trains class 158 just passed over the bridge heading to Barmouth station


I have been to Barmouth before as it's one of my favorite places for a day out with the family but never twigged that you can actually walk across the bridge.  Here's 158829 passing over the bridge which has some interesting trackwork having just left Barmouth station.


158829 passes me heading towards Birmingham International.



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Lucky timing as a Brush Type 4 top 'n tail special passes Rhyl Marine Lake Railway on 5th May 1012...


attachicon.gifWEB Rhyl marine lake.jpg

I remember being on the minature railway seen on your picture as a kid and my Grandad running around the lake after my hat because the wind blew it off.  Had some great holidays in North Wales as a kid back in the day and now as a parent, most recently this Easter in Porthmadog and a day in Barmouth.

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Yes, great timing Larry.


Didn't realise that the Brush 4s were quite that old though, predating King Harold and all that........

Everything I learned about diesels I instantly forgot when I packed in photographing them.  I referred to the Class 47's as Brush Type 4's not because I'm rather ancient but because I do not know which ones have been re-engined and maybe given new Tops classification. Similarly, Class 37's are 37's but one French lady (I use the term loosely) said to me, "No wonder I do not understand you when you call them Class 37's and they are not!"............. Followed by song & verse on their renumbering. So I tread with care amongst post-steam modernists. :smoke:

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