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detailing and repaint of a Hornby railroad 08 shunter

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Now many people will say that's not an 08 number and find fault but be gentle I'm new to railway modeling but thought I would share my attempt and changing the railroad 08 shunter from the train pack and I don't think it came out to bad let me know what you think post-20346-0-87266300-1382295425_thumb.jpgpost-20346-0-87266300-1382295425_thumb.jpg

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That looks good. I did something similar some time ago but I used the wrong paint, didn't have the right transfers and now the chassis is broken so I may try again at some point.


You could use a small amount of white paint and pick out some of the handles which would make it more realistic, look at a picture of one in BR Green and you should see what I mean.

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There we go all my attempt at a new paint job I feel this is some what more intresting than the very basic red and grey loco that Hornby made but set for a good base to start and a nice easy conversion for the younger less skilled modeler any more idears as to what I could add would be great


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