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Darjeeling B Class in 7mm Scale for 14mm & 16.5mm Track

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Copied over from another forum.........



Time for one last update before ExpoNG this coming Saturday when, all being well, our new B Class kit will be launched. As you can see from the image above the label for the boxes are done with grateful thanks to Jonathan Clay for the use of one of his paintings.


Just after I finished doing the labels and sticking them to the boxes as few images pinged into my in box from Peter of the production model build done for writing the instructions.




Packing the kits is still not complete and two items are outstanding, but promised, so it could still be a case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


The initial production batch is just twenty kits of which twelve are already sold so if you want one on Saturday you will have to be quick. On the plus side though sales have encouraged us to make a start on batch 2 so they should be available by Christmas, maybe, although its more likely to be just into the new year. If you want a Merddin Emrys kit at the weekend you will have to be very quick as I think there is only one left. A start has been made on a second batch of them too but they may take a little longer to produce


As this is new on RMweb jsut a reminder of the spec.....

  • Complete Kit mostly etched in Nickel Silver
  • Wheels, Gears and Motor included
  • Sprung Chassis
  • Axles and Cranks quartered using D inserts and axles
  • All Castings are Lost Wax Brass


The initial run is twenty with half of those sold. A second batch will follow as quickly as we can gather all the parts.


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After a very successful ExpoNG show on Saturday and the Slim Gauge Circle meeting on Sunday the launch of the Darjeeling B class kit was a success and batch 1 is now sold out.

Whilst at ExpoNG the loco was taken for a photo shoot by Andrew Burnham so we should see it in Railway Modeller and Continental Modeller in the near future.

Our Merddin Emrys kits also sold out.



Orders have already been placed for all parts for further batches of both kits. Lead times mean it will be mid December for more B class loco's and early in the new year for Merddin Emrys


Postal pre orders for the B class will go out one day this week as soon as I recover from the weekend (Dr's advice re wonky leg = rest with leg elevated. Weekend = 3 x Load/unload van cycle, drive 450 miles, stand up for two days. Result = not doing a fat lot today)

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Just in case you're wondering what a finished one looks like...







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Chris that looks very nice.  One obvious omission are the 5 (yes FIVE) members of the loco crew.


On the footplate you have a driver and a fireman who is often crouching to shovel coal from the shoot into the firebox.


Sat on top of the coal (which needs pilling as high as gravity permits blocking the cab windows) there is a chap with a hammer breaking the coal into smaller lumps.


Above the coupling at the front there is a sand box with a hinged lid, the sand is fed by hand onto the rails by two sanders who stand on the step in front of each cylinder. 


Fantastic, well done Paul for another excellent model.

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I am certainly looking forward to getting one for Christmas... I think my dad will be more fond of it after living in Darj for over 5 years in the early 90's.

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Got mine being delivered yesterday, on opening the box I was stunned by the amount of parts for a little 0-4-0 locomotive!

But then I started to water when seeing the quality of the kit, lots of cast brass, and crisp nickel silver etchings, no white metal in sight, this model could even been rebuild after being exposed to a fire!


While writing in the first part of the instructions that it will not be a step by step instruction, it still is the most comprehensive set of instructions I ever got with a model, and a lot of extra content on the CD as well, in the form of prototype pictures, which already makes it more easy to choose your particular locomotive to model.


I concluded after looking at the pictures of 779 Himalayan Bird that this locomotive can be built 2 ways, in a pre-overhauled condition as shown on pictures included on the CD, and post-overhaul as I found many pictures when Googling.

Difference can be mainly seen at the coal bunker top extension, after overhaul it has a more austere look, missing one of the metal strips which wrap around the bunker, and the shape of the chamfered parts just in front of the cab front changed.

Clearly this extension was renewed.

I don't know when this overhaul was done exactly, but has been in more recent years.


I decided however to build "Queen of Hills", however not as engine 806, which got this name later, as stencilled lettering under the number plate, but as no. 780 which beared the cast nameplate with the same name earlier, have to check if EDM can do bespoke number plates.

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I recently bought this kit from Paul Martin, and it was shipped to me in Canada.


In the process of building, while press fitting the wheels to the axels the plastic around 2 of the wheels broke off, so there is a wiggle when on the shafts...

So I thought no big deal I will order replacement wheels, pay for them, pay for the shipping and carry on... well


I sent Paul Martin an email requesting 4 replacement wheels, 2 shafts and yes 4 bearings as I misplaced one!!!


Well this was his reply...



Sorry but those items are not available as spares or for purchase.

They are made specially for the kits in the exact quantities so there are no spares


Sorry I can’t help




Paul Martin

EDM models

19 Briar Avenue, Acomb, York  YO26 5BX   

[email protected]         Tel 01904 331973       


From: Lloyd 
Sent: 21 June 2018 16:44
To: Paul Martin <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Need replacement parts


Hi Paul,


Requesting the following replacement parts.. for the B Class DHR


2 Sets of Wheels and Bearings plus a pair of Shafts.


Please let me know if there are any issues with the card or parts.


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