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Hi George, I wont be around much Thursday as I have  a lot to do but I'm looking forward to the Shed pics.


I have decided to go the extra mile on Wye Dale and try and do some interiors on some buildings.


Have you got a track plan yet,?  Princetown, Hayling Island or Midhurst would be good prototype track layouts to copy.


Andy :sungum:

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Bodgit, Duncan / Georgeconna   Thanks for the encouragement, l have been working to finish the signal box today, and have also started to build the goods shed, will post pictures soon..



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Hello Bodgit,  Heres the photos of the progress on the shed, still lots to do yet, l was going to put some doors on the shed but decided against them, need to get some more roof plasticard for the roof, as l said l want to use up lots of left overs up, the windows are O gauge signal box windows..











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Hi George that looks good, the windows work fine, and not too big at all, will you be putting a door from the loading platform into the office?


More pics soon please mate, fantastic work.


Andy :sungum:

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Hello Jack,  Happy New Year,  Yes l have gone back to 'OO' for two main reasons (1) l just do not have the space for a layout of any use, and (2) the time factor in building stock etc etc, where as the standard of ready to run today 'OO' is excellent, and l have wasted far too much time and money on projects in 'O' that have failed,


So l have decided to make a nice little seaside terminus on the southern region somewhere, plus Southern region steam stock from Hornby/Bachmann are excellent. and getting better. l have just bought a lovely N Class in southern green for £40 S/H in 'O' that would have cost at least £850 to finish and probably a year to build it, so you see it makes sense..


Happy modelling,   George

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Its does seem rather expensive and time consuming in 'O' if an individual just wants to build a layout to operate (ME)

I think the novelty of 7mm warn off after a while for me. Must say you produced some absolutely stunning loco's and buildings George a milestone alot of modellers set themselves im sure.


This new venture seems very promising, Seaside southern. 'Ansum!


All the best.

And happy 2014


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I'm honoured that such beautifully crafted modelling should be named Ashcombe!


It has been a lucky (pseudo) name for me; it was my house name at school and we now live not far from Ashcombe Cross (That's rare for me, by the way!)


Good luck!

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Hello (Lady) Ashcombe,   l am so glad that 'Ashcombe Bay' has some distinguished followers as yourself, there will be a public house in the lane at the back of the station called appropriately 'Lady Ashcombe'.



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Morning Lads,  Just thought you would like to see how l construct my chimneys in stone on 'Ashcombe Bay',

1  Get some 8mm square plastruct 

2  Sand a 45 degree angle on the edge

3  Glue together and gently score the edge to bend

4  Gently bend and glue

5  Mark the end and sand a 45 degree

6  Gently sand all round, you should have a nice chimney with no awful edges


Works for me even with brick plasticard, you can do it in one, much better than four bits.











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