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HSB in the Süd Harz HOm - Braunlage to Walkenried.


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Confirmed Exhibitions

Wimrail 202- ? Tba 






Until recently the only way to model the Harz in HO scale was the very expensive brass items by Weinert Modelbau, the fairly basic Kehi items or the growing number of 3D printed bodies on shapeways. Brawa produced the regauged Harzkamel 199's a few years back too. The Kamel suffers from very stiff bogies but it's a fairly simple fix, remove the body and Unclip the housing on top of each gear tower. On the bottom of each housing carefully take some off the two bumps that bear on the chassis so the bogies aren't as tight to the chassis and then reassemble. It allows more movement and stops them derailing on points or gradient changes.
Tillig announced some items a year ago and they are now arriving.
The first model to arrive is the little 0.6.0 99 6102 'Fiffi' the saturated steam version of a pair of locos produced in the 1930's to compare saturated vs supreheated. 6101 'Piffi' looks virtually identical apart from a few detail differences such as placement of the bell although it is superheated. Both real locos survive on the HSB.
6102 is sold in a set with three goods wagons and comes with a detail set to add bufferbeam detail etc, not added that yet so it's missing from the photos.
There is also a twin set of coaches just been released and a bogie brake, more on these soon.


Beware the polythene slip that is use to lift the loco out as it was squashing the very delicate whistle on mine so that needs to be watched when putting it away.


Comparing it to the Brawa Harzkamel on Tillig's TT setrack.


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An exclusive available through the HSB website, made by Tillig but find other bits to order or the postage makes it quite a bit more than the standard coaches.


It needs the hook and loop couplers sourcing separately as it comes with scale couplings that don't function.

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 6101 'Piffi' looks virtually identical apart from a few detail differences such as placement of the bell although it is superheated. 



There is one quite significant difference between 6101 and 6102 - the side tanks on the latter are longer so that the lifting lever for the radius bar of the valve gear is hidden, whereas on 6101 the lifting lever is exposed in front of the tank. Looking at my own photographs of the pair (taken between 1977 and 1992), I can spot various detail differences, not just between the two but on the same machine at different periods.
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I added the couplings to the Faust coach and decided to see if the 0-6-0 would pull a long train, it did with ease a powerful little machine.



Though the body moulding is the same the chassis and roof are simplified.

The HSB shop Faust coach is made by Tillig but has fixed steps on the balconies and simplified railings. (The Tillig general model has a clever sliding arrangement for the steps)

The couplings are on close coupling mounts on the body rather than mounted on the bogies. I borrowed the couplings from a flat wagon and due to the different mount I had to chop about 1.5mm off the top off the wedge that holds it into the coach's swinging mounting. This allows it to slide up a bit more towards the chassis so the coupling mount droop is compensated for.

There are also no truss rods but they will be simple to add from wire.

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Sounds like the Faust coach is really meant to be a static display model and a souvenir for visitors to the line. That you can fairly easily get it running is a bonus.

I'm very interested in this new HOm stuff as I've always harboured a dream to build a model of Drei Annen Honen but the fleet of locos and coaches from Wienert would make it eye wateringly expensive.

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Sounds like the Faust coach is really meant to be a static display model and a souvenir for visitors to the line.


the fleet of locos and coaches from Wienert would make it eye wateringly expensive.

Yes the Faust is but it's a shame to waste that nice paint job ;) hopefully it won't be the first advertising livery they release in the general range!

Well we now have the Rotcamel and 0-6-0's and the 2-10-2's due in 2015 so it's cheaper if not cheap ;)

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As delivered the coaches come with hook and loop couplers but I decided to experiment with remote operation using knuckle couplers.

I have two types Dapol, (short type), and Liliput.

So I fitted the NEM pockets supplied with the coaches and popped in the Dapol couplers which gives a gap of 15mm compared to 14mm with the originals.


Then I tested them on the curves and gradient changes on my Swiss layout. No problems experienced :)

I'd like a little closer coupling but it's acceptable for now.




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It's the shunting that's making me look at buckeyes ;) going to have to be careful and have adjustable feet as these roll very freely. Unlike Rhätia which kept trains in sets the plan for the next layout includes a terminus, possibly two eventually, and a junction station where there will be loco changes.

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Following on from the freemo discussions I decided to see if I could build a layout loosely based on the Sud Harz if it was re opened, as has been proposed a few times, that could make a decent exhibitable layout and allow for operation too.

To get the best from operation you really need at least three stations to allow any variety but how to mix operation with making it an entertaining layout. Here are a few quick ideas I've played with based on the arrangement of the Sud Harz.

I'm also playing with ideas that will fit in a couple of cars or a small van rather than a transit to make it easier to transport.


Here's the fairly conventional first idea, it's limited by just being three stations so it's all back and forth with little variety possible. The colours represent the three phases to bulid it.




Then I moved to a much bigger idea to get in all the stations to operate it as a challenge, this was just too big and would need 6 operators to make it interesting at an exhibition. It did though give me an idea I've played with before based on the loads in empties out used on some US layouts. I could use one of the stations to represent two places so traffic leaving up the Branch from Wieda becomes traffic from Braunlage. It has the advantage of making the junction busier adn needs one less operator than modelling both plus saves on modelling two similar sized stations.



So I downsized it. There are two flaws here, first it needs access on all sides for viewing meaning it's an island and there's no dead area to use as an access in an out for operators, Secondly it's cramped even for 3 people inside with no area to put the 'stuff' you always need to survive a show ;)



So currently I've unwrapped it again solving the cramped operator space and offering three viewing sides.

I've also modified the shared station idea so it represents the branch and the rest of the HSB system. The fiddleyard is hidden by the backscen and could be basically sceniced with ballast and a photo of the buildings to make it less distracting visually for the operator on the hidden side.

The shared traffic means you can work it as a system with less operators needed to keep something moving so hopefully a good compromise to suit both scenarios. I have made Braunlage a fiddleyard for the time being and may model it later when funds allow.

The big terminus is 18" wide, the Junction in the middle 12" wide and the countryside running are 7" deep scenes with a hidden tunnel behind the backscene.



Here's a idea of the cross section, you can just about see the hidden tunnel on the left


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As for the subject of that layout: I highly doubt the missing sections of the network are being ever rebuild, so choosing this as inspiration would leave you with a 'could-but-never-gonna-be' type of layout. Alternatively, consider Nordhausen in the present form. It has the connection to the local tramway system, allowing both museum trains and modern trams on the same track. In Stiege a reversal loop has been build, allowing the tram (train?) to continue w/o actually swapping driver seats or a runaround movement, although the track towards Hasselfelde remains in situ and as far as I can tell, also in use. Regrettably, the appropriate tram model (Trambino, from the Siemens Combino family, is a hybrid: electric in town, diesel on the HSB) by German supplier Hödl is no longer made. He may have a suitable replacement, otherwise perhaps Halling may have something appropriate.

I'd considered the tram option on a variant of the first plan above but decided it just took money away from the HSB stock initially so it's something I might add if I build Braunlage on the last plan. I've already done part of this idea in G scale, see the Sud Harz thread, and that's exactly why I chose it ;)



There's no need for 3 stations. I've partaken in a 6-day show (!!) with only a single station, return-loops on either end and 3 operators. In this case, 2 stations and either one large or 2 small fiddle yards (all hidden) in a triangular form would do nicely. The points of the triangle can be blunt(-ish) and operating it could be done from the front. This not only gives you more interaction with the public, but also blocks any rotten apples from said public to 'lend' something :rolleyes: At least, it's another psychological barrier. ;) Added benefit: you don't need so much space inside, a table for your stuff, a chair for lunchtimes and you're done :yes:


Ah but I want places to actually run to so more stations works better for me. The idea is that the traffic through the hidden yard mirrors the actual opearation on that branch but with just one person rather than two, the hidden station can be the terminus for each or to improve the 'Show' in public just a passing place. I was envisaging the branch and connection to the main HSB being operated by a shuttle using a railcar alternating with a loco hauled 3 coach set. It also gives a hidden bolt hole for the goods traffic to serve.

I'm thinking of using the Bemo container wagons to introduce modern freight so there might be loading facilities for that plus maintenance trains using the Rotkamels.

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I made up a quick test piece to see what the 7 inch deep scene would look like, The rear would be about 15mm deeper and incorporate the hidden track. The light enclosure at the top is too restrictive for a 1000mm track height so this needs raising to 450mm tall from 300mm. I will probably make these a seperate fitting that plugs on quickly.


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