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The Bigbee Line

Pidcock Lines - Bay Window Caboose

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Hope you find what your looking for.





Thanks for the links.  I used a picture from the Georgia Forestry site to rough out a frieze for a backscene..




I then trimmed the file to let me print a section on a piece of glossy A4 paper...


Here standing at the back of the baseboard to get a feel for the look.




I'm not sure if the trees need to be bigger as I want to put some other trees actually at the back of the board.

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That`ll make a nice long run,but as to height..i think that`s down to personal preference and how dominant you want the backscene to be.



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Brighton Works has move to the workshop so I can get the Pidcock Lines out of the wardrobe.....

I’ve pedalled back on the remit. Not the full blown version that I aspired too.....

I’ve a Bachmann 70tonner. With on board DCC. Runs. Nice, has a grown so no need for DCC sound. Also got a couple of FT-A’s. 




This has to be a minimum resource module. So I’ll fettle the track, have a keynote structure (industry based) and ballast / ground cover to suit. 




I got round to finding a spring for the turnout. That self normalises. Just need a mechanism to set it in reverse and sort the polarity. 


It it will let me play with the few items of HO I keep. 

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Here's a couple of interlopers to the Pidcock Lines; a pair of Alco RS2's.  Both fitted with early soundtrax sound decoders. A part of my transition to O gauge I sold them on ebay.  Unfortunately they appeared to have conked out.  So back they came.  I'm sure they can be rescued.


They have nice thin handrails and the numbers already on the number boards....



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Posted (edited)

Whilst my main efforts are in O gauge. I have a few items that I’ll keep for old times sake. 

Here is an Athearn Bay Window Caboose. I’ve lowered to to look more like the prototype. To get the couplers at the right height I spliced then into the verandas. 



I have a plan to “southernise” the steps. 



I think a good paint job to start with. 

In the workshop I’ve got some etched end rails etc. 

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