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Haskell & Co 0n30 VR 2-6-2 available from EDM models

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EDM Models is delighted to announce that we will be importing the new Victoria Railways Puffing Billy NA class locomotive.

We are now taking orders for these loco's and the first ones should be with us in March.

UK availability will be limited, getting your reservation in now is recommended



Specification: -

DCC ready (8 pin), Large motor with Flywheel. Many die-cast parts. Metal handrails. Brass etched number and build plates. Real Scale coal for the bunker


DCC & Sound:-

The models is DCC ready with the usual 8pin plug and a sound decoder is available in Australia and we are currently negotiating to make it available here in the UK.


Price: -

We are currently quoting a UK price of £270 but this is a provisional price on the basis we dont know what the exchange rate will be and how much the shipping will cost. Order yours now and your card won't be charged until they are here and, if we can, we pass on any savings made.


Delivery: -

The first examples are on their way to Australia now. The red and all the black ones have been produced in a limited quantity so far. No green ones have been made yet. Production has now taken a great pause for Chinese New Year and the balance of the order (from which our models will come) plus the green ones won't be produced until they all get back to work. All the initial short run are promised to Brunel Models.


We expect to get ours in March with the green ones arriving a bit later.


We will only be ordering a small quantity over and above those we get reservations for so reserving the version you want is highly recommended


Ordering and More Info: -

You can order online here  http://www.ngtrains....askell/NA1.html


More info will appear on that page eventually but the surest way to keep up to date is to subscribe to our newsletter here





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Having seen one of the pilot models in the flesh, I've gotta say it's a marvellous model. Having also seen the prototypes in the flesh - they're an excellent and very faithful-looking representation! I'm very tempted... 

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Look what I got..........




Just arrived at EDM Models is a pair of pilot run examples of the Haskell Victorian Railways "Puffing Billy" NA Class 2-6-2 in 0n30



Initial impressions are that its a super model which runs nicely, is well detailed with scope for adding individual details to personalise individual loco's. There are a number of additional details for the user to fit provided with the loco.  I have not fully explored these yet.


It will still be a few weeks before we have customers models available in the UK as only a limited run was done to develop the model and a few changes are being made before they ship in bulk. I will be taking my pair to the 0 Gauge Guild show at Kettering this Saturday.


Hopefully next week I will find the time to do what all engineers to with a new toy and take it to bits to see what makes it tick,  I have sound decoder and sound files to suit to fit to it as well.


If you want to reserve one I am taking orders here: -    http://www.ngtrains....askell/NA1.html


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These are a top little loco

Run very smoothly my Canadian Red example ran all day at a model train show recently and didn't miss a beat it was on a shuttle.

I only received the loco a day before the show and weathered it back in the Hotel room on the Friday night after setting up the layout. That was 6months ago now and the Canadian Red NA has now been Joined in the loco fleet by an apple green NA.


Photo of the loco shunting Lizard Ridge railway yard.



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