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SATURDAY 10.30 TO 5.00

SUNDAY 10.30 TO 4.30




List of Traders Attending :


Alan Ward
Amberly Services
Dean Sidings
Derby Trees
Double O Heaven
Keiths Bits & Pieces
Railroom Electronics
Ray Heard (Sponser)
Rural Railways
Team Track Trading  Now not coming
Titfield Thunderbolt
Weston Models



List of Layouts Attending :

Antwerpen Oostkaai Ho
Apethorn Juntion O
Bodmore Vale N
Burntwood Lane Oo
Crock Colorado HOn3
Ebdon Road O
Franklin On2
Journeys End OO9
Marmagne Ho
New Mexico Railroad Ho
Norton Vale Oo
Nottingham Goods P4
Owen Street Oo
Rhyd-y-felin Oo
St.Frazal Le Chatean N
St.Juliot S
Wantage NG Tramway OO9
Zum Neuschwanswine Z
Zweiburg N



List of Demonstrations
Derby Trees  

Dave Murdoch


Other Displays Societies
Sandford Station
Em Gauge

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Really enjoyed the show today, could have spent hours in front of Apethorne Junction had I not had the kids in tow, journeys end was their favourite. Nice variety of layouts, and good trade mix meant I got everything on the shopping list.

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I had an enjoyable morning at the show today.  Bumped into 37114, TwoToneGreen and a few other friends.


Well worth a visit, one of the better venues for a model show too!


Looking forward to seeing the Apethorne gang again at TrainWest but with Oldham King Street.

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I am worn out after a day operating Apethorn Junction. Non stop fun ! Did not get chance to see the other layouts etc but as I passed through there did seem to be a good spread.


Good to meet Rod (DMU Driver) on Apethorn there as well and also some faces on the visitor side. Nice to see you again Tim.


Day two tomorrow to look forward to. Well worth a visit if you can.

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I had my new Brit 70024 in the car and had the chance to run it on the superb layout Apethorn Junction.


Here are some videos I had chance to do on my iPhone of the Brit and a few more movements.







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Enjoyed my visit to the show today. I think there was an extra hall open this time (not that there was a problem last year!) so everything was nicely spaced out with plenty of room to move around all the exhibits. Good variety of layouts - my personal favourites probably being Rhyd-Y-Felin, Burntwood Lane, Apethorne Junction, Ebdon Road and Nottingham Goods - at least these were the ones I went back to at least twice!


The car park was nearly full when I arrived and still nearly full when I left so hopefully it was a successful weekend for the organisers and traders?


Thanks to all involved.

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Had a really nice day here today, chatted to quite a few people and met an old friend. Apethorne Junction was really impressive, and I got to see Hobbiton End in person too! The venue was really nice too.


Here's a few pics:
















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Sunday did not disappoint with regards level of enjoyment operating Apethorne Junction.


Thanks to all the guys on the layout for letting me loose on there and allowing me to run my Brit on their superb layout.


I only got a short time to look around but from what I saw an excellent show with a good spread of demos, layouts and trade stands.


Well done to the organisers and I look forward to next years show.

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Went on Saturday and really enjoyed my time there.

I think it the variety of layouts on display made this one of the better years for the show.  I felt last years was a bit of a let down.

Apethorne Junction and Owen street were my favourites.


The change of venue has made larger layouts possible,  would have struggled with these two at the Princes hall!

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