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Arbroath Station


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Work done on the new industrial buildings on the loop line has produced a factory named Carmyllie Fabrications Ltd., which gives it  a local flavour and is also a play on words with Fabrications being a manipulation of facts to suit the ends aimed for - which is exactly what we modellers are always up to, of course.


Anyway some pics taken this evening..........










Obviously more to do, but progress by any other name.


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Hi Ken, that latest factory looks fantastic. Hope my warehouse turns out half as good.

ive had my brother in law print up a St Vigeans signal box nameplate for me and asked him to do one for you in OO scale. If you can email me your address I’ll post it on.


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Ken, what are you doing to me now I’ve just nearly finished my signal box? I was going to say rule one applies cause I didn’t know if any pics existed apart from that long distance one you sent me previously, but now I can’t! Never mind. Just today received the printed sign from my brother in law. I’ll post it to you as soon as I can get to the postbox!!

This new pic, can’t you take a screen shot with your iPad/iPhone?

cheers again Les

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A new overbridge has been installed beside the coal siding at the new factory.

It combines a Wills vari-girder span over the main line with a scratch-built lattice girder over the sidings.

It makes a visual stop at the end of the central loop line with tantalising glimpses through the spans of the loco sheds........






Passing by the other yard on the Forfar loop line, I caught J37 64602 waiting for access to the main line from the yard.




Now I'll need to draw out the updated and more accurate version of St Vigeans Junction signal box - no rest for the wicked, then...........



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Don’t know if you use Facebook or not, but hopefully this link will work regardless.  It is a picture at Arbroath of an engine taking water.  What I thought might be of interest is the water crane and the long “lum” (spelling?) on the stove attached to it.  Anyway, the link:

Hope of assistance!

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On 20/04/2020 at 17:30, Aberbrothock said:

It's a fine pic, both to show the water crane itself and the wonderful hooked lever to lift the water hose up on to the tender - must try to make one sometime...........

Ah, see that implement now!  A couple more pictures of the same event have now been added to the “The Carmylie Pilot Ltd” Facebook page.

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The St Vigeans Junction signal box is coming along nicely, although the real box clearly has been very camera shy, even although it lasted into the early 'sixties - some pics of the model to follow in a couple of days, hopefully.

The other issue is that it's too big for the site of the current model which it will replace.

I'm going to re-site the box on to the correct side of the line, which means a bit of earth moving and probable cutting back of one of the sidings in the old NBR North Yard, and the creation of a nice flat area to "plant" the  model - just wish life wasn't so busy..........

Moving it to the Up side of the line also means that we'll see the front of the box, which is its prettier side anyway.

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I became aware today that I hadn't run any trains for a while, and I gave 60011 a run down the hill to the station - some pics of the action:-


Held at the Up Home signal at the old NBR North Yard.




Passing Arbroath North SB.




Awaiting the road at the station.




St Vigeans Junction SB is progressing well and pics will follow quite soon, but not today!





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On 04/05/2020 at 22:32, Aberbrothock said:

Would that be the current, extended version, or the original bijou design?

We can send each other bell codes to say what's due to arrive next...............

Stay well.


This is the only picture I have found in the steam era Ken,


so this will be the basis for it. There is a view from the bridge end in the book "East coast mainline vol 8, that shows the steps leading from the platform.

Hope you are keeping well


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The new St Vigeans Junction signal box has made its debut on the layout, temporarily sited until the earth moving is done slightly further up the hill towards the junction itself, but quite pretty nevertheless.








Not entirely obvious, but the inside is quite fully furnished, with lever frame, desk, stove and instrument shelf - I know they're there!


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What can I say! Absolutely amazing! I haven’t even picked up my Stanley knife in anger yet! I’ve been trying(?) to extend my baseboards past the box and onwards towards the stone/brick bridge over Brothock water. Think I’ve finally cracked the actual structure, now I just need to lay the track, landscape it,etc, etc, etc.

Is your box all plasticard and strip? Also meant to ask you earlier, is it only the outer two front windows that are ‘sash’?

Still can’t believe you’ve finished it. So much for lockdown!

cheers Les

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Many thanks Les

The box is predominantly plastikard, with only the brick finish being paper, In two different bonds, the toilet being covered in a different  style having been added later.

The roof is from Wills plastic slating, the chimney a "Metcalfe" style paper tube.

The lever frame has a plastikard base with Smiths etched brass levers, all laid out in the required colours with the correct ones pulled for one train from Montrose and the other heading to Forfar.

The windows include one at each end with an opening sash , with the frames and astragals painstakingly cut from microstrip - not all done in one session!

There is also one on the back wall which should have a moving sash, but as it won't be seen by anyone, I did a plain frame - how lazy can you get?

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Have done some earth moving/landscaping around the 'box today, and it looks a bit more at home on its new site.






The signalman has a good view north to the junction itself and also down over the old NBR yard sidings.


Vey high winds today, with one gust lifting the roof off to reveal the inside of the 'box, which could do with even more bits and pieces installed, but while there is no internal lighting, there's no rush to do more just now.

I have quite a number of signals to make from the Ratio kits I have in stock - as long as my eyes can see what I'm attempting to do........

At least the shot shows which levers have been pulled, but the signalman must have gone off with his train register which should be on his desk.




I also managed to knock one of the dollies off the St V Junction post, so there's a repair to do - more work then! 

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Not a lot going on on Rmweb just now - presumably folk are either beavering away at their layouts - or maybe sunbathing?


I've been adding a couple of signals at the new factory and put them in place this morning - they look fine but of course it shows how much needs to be done in landscaping and detailing.

A number of ground shunt discs need to be made and added to protect all of the entry and exit options at the sidings as well.

Point rodding would also look good..........

Anyway a couple of shots to show where we've got to:-


Home and distant on the approach to Ladyloan Junction and Arbroath itself.



Yard entry shunt arm and main line starter.DSCF7450.jpeg.c50f7e8042ca65e697ea1562c69fa2f4.jpeg


A cruel view along the line - the track doesn't seem that bad when viewed in reality!




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I've been doing some "social home and distancing," with the signalling on the layout and some results follow.


Looking down the hill on the Forfar line towards St Vigeans Junction.




Block signals galore on the Aberdeen line, above and towards the Dundee loops, below.




St Vigeans Junction box in the evening light with the approach line to the old NBR North Yard in front of the box, and the main line in the foreground.




I'll do another couple of shots in another post as the file sizes are quite big............

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