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Andy Y

Haskell 0n30 NA Class 'Puffing Billy' from NGTrains / EDM Models

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My biggest problem is that I don't have a On30 layout .....


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Only just found this topic re the NA and can say that the model is realy nice It runs very well I received my first one from the first batch in March last year one day before I left home to exhibited my layout at the Sydney O scale Expo, it was unpacked and given a test on the night of show setup ran nice and smoothly No time to fit DCC but I have a action on my layout that runs a shuttle via DC or DCC so it was used on this section.

I weathered the NA Friday night before the show in the Hotel Room and added a crew to the footplate.

The morning of the show the NA was put on the shuttle on the layout and ran faultless for the whole show.

I usualy rotate Locos on this shuttle section but the number of requests to see the NA resulted in the little loco shuttling up and down the layout all day.

By the end of the show the model was well run in having given it a lube before running just to make sure it was all good it freed up so well that it was ticking over with almost no throttle at all.

I was so impressed I orded and received a green NA when they were released a month or so later.

So for any one still thinking about the plunge into On30 get one of these little Locos and you won't look back.


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