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HO trestle construction

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After at least 3 years and a house move which results in it being seen from the opposite side to what I originally intended, I have resumed work on the Kinsol trestle. I am now across the Koksilah River, with the Howe truss section fixed in place. The luxury of that section was that it could be built as a unit on the bench. The rest of the trestle has to be assembled in situ on the layout in order to get the positioning exactly right. Progress will be slow as the scenic work around the bases of the bents really needs to be done at the same time - the more trestle I build, the more difficult the access under and behind it, becomes. The whole structure is in balsa wood - mainly 3/32in square strip for the bents, assembled with quick-drying PVA glue. Colouring is with Ronseal woodstain (antique pine). I would prefer to use Evo-Stik Impact adhesive for assembly but the wood stain melts it, so it has to be PVA. 

All the bents are modelled on their real counterparts, so there are no long strips of balsa, the joints in the verticals occur where they do on the real thing. This enables me to have the protruding horizontals which give the model its 'rough', uneven outer 'surfaces' which you can't get if you use single timbers from top to bottom. The result SHOULD be that the model trestle is at least as strong as the original. It is vulnerable to damage, of course, and will doubtless be subject to the same speed and weight limits as the real thing was. Currently waiting for some Polyfilla to set! Special thanks to Chris Nevard for assembling my photographs, taken from the trestle, into a superb and accurate backscene.



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The state of progress at the end of March 2015. Following a long spell when nothing was done, I pledged to look at finishing some of my projects. This is on the basis that, if I don't finish things, the time I've spent part-building them has been wasted. I hope to have a train over the trestle within the next few days, though some of the cross-braces and other detailing may not be completed until later.


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