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The Minturn, Kings divide & Eastern RR

M Graff

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I made a retaining wall out of Depron foam that I scribed with a pencil before painting it with gesso and some paint.

I glued it in place with hot glue.

I surrounded it with my homemade Sculptamold.

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On 15/05/2020 at 10:34, M Graff said:

I made some utility poles today.
It's an Auhagen kit.
I installed them temporary on the layout.


I will add E-Z line later.


Ooh - push braces! Nice.

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Painted the new rockwork today.
WS pigments.
I have now soaked the surface with diluted Modpodge so I can add the black/raw umber wash.

The rocks will now change character from iron rich to more granite.

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