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A start, I hope. Lyminge, in 4mm (P4) circa 1900 - 1914

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Well, for anyone interested, I'm still around, and back to doing some UK modelling. After some very serious thinking, and looking at all aspects, I will stick with OO, in standard gauge. I don't mind building track, but I can source Peco code 75 right here in the US, saving the costs of having other track systems shipped to me. With what workbench time I have, I'd rather build a loco or 2, and rolling stock, than track.


I'm also revamping my layout plans. I like my original Lyminge idea, but I also have a strong liking for a urban setting, as well. My shed, now almost emptied out, is 24' x 12'. I plan a dogbone along 3 walls, but with only 2 sections having scenery. They will be opposite each other, along the long walls, but not the full length of the walls. A approximation of Lyminge will be one area, and a small goods yard set somewhere in south London will be the other are. It will be shared by the SECR and the LBSC. These 2 areas will be built so as to be removable, so that I can, if I want, take it into the house to work on.


It will take me a while yet, to get the framework for the layout installed, so I'll concentrate on acquiring rolling stock at 1st.


Fingers crossed that health and other life issues stay remote, and I can make some progress this time.


Jim F

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