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Going through some packed away books, I came across my copy of "Modelling The Steam Age Railway" by CJ Freezer. I did not read it at the time I acquired it several years ago, as I had sort of 'burnt out' with modelling, and lost some interest.


I have now started reading it. It is not strictly about modelling the pre-grouping era, but it does cover quite a bit that is needed to know, I think. 


I'm now wondering if there are any other books out there, that have a focus on modelling the early rail period.


Any suggestions?


Jim F

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It depends on what aspect of the early railways that you are intending to model.


Try 'Period Railway Modelling' by Vivien Thompson.


Of course, there are many books on the early railways,such as:


'Early Trains' by Brian Morgan


The list is endless


Best of luck


Michael dJS

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A book I value is LNWR Portrayed By Jack Nelson. Of course it is of most value if you are actually modelling the LNWR, which I don't, but it has a lot of general interest too. 

The HMRS has produced some valuable stuff over the years, particularly regarding liveries, but much depends on the specific prototype you want to model. But you know, it's a very difficult question to answer in a few lines. For example, I could not live without the twelve volumes of Turton's Private Owner Wagons. They are not modelling books, as such, but for a pre-group model you certainly need lots of PO wagons. (Unless you follow the NER, anyway.)

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