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Bachmann 45 tonner noisey on DCC

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I bought a Bachmann 45 tonner and tried it on DC where it performed nicely and pretty quiet.

When I put it on DCC its quite noisey and takes a lot to get it going.


I am only a beginner with DCC, just wondered if anyone has any ideas to why its noisey under DCC?


I am using a new NCE powercab set.


thanks in advance

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I can replicate the same at home, but can't remember my 45 tonner being particularly noisy.


I'm assuming it's fitted with a factory chip- exactly what kind of "noise" is it...?

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thanks for the replies, I thought i'd put it in the USA section incase anybody had come across same thing.


Its hard to describe, sort of a buzzy sound especially at low speeds.  As I mentioned it doesn't do it with DC

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It is most likely the VERY crappy factory installed decoder!

Replace it with a good one, and I can almost guarantee that it will be silent!

thank you and thanks for posting the video, I wondered if that might be the case.

I noticed nce does a decoder for them!


I think i'll try another decoder!

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it's the cheap decoder,i run one on HELM and it buzzes at low speed,doesn't bother me that much,you don't really hear it when it's at a exhibition with all the back ground sounds.


 people are always asking me how i get it to run that slow pushing 2 boxcars,it can be done with a bit of fine tuning,but you still have the buzzing.




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Hi I converted mine to run as an industrial shunter in the scrapyard on a modern image UK layout. It needed to be well run in and compared to other locos who set off at say controller setting 2 or 3 needs be set at 12. It buzzes then when it sets off it can be brought down to 5 or 6 and it runs. As in last post the noise is not too noticeable especially when there is a Class 66 burbling away in the next siding. I have found that the small wheels pick up dirt quicker than other locos and does need cleaning more often

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