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Sheffield Exchange, Toy trains, music and fun!

Clive Mortimore

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Last night I ventured into the the train room and was testing my Sulzer Type 2 Bo-Bos. The up line had an LNER non-gangway train formed of 8 coaches and the Hertford quad-art, so 12 in all. The down train was formed of 10 LMS non-gangway coaches. Both trains are equal length give or take an inch,  The rolling resistance is very similar, the LNER train having one more bogie. I only tested the ones in their boxes as the ones on the train set run OK. First up were a pair of Bachy 25s, they pulled the trains but were not very fast, which is fine as I do not hammer the hell out of my trains on Exchange. 


Next were a series of Hornby locos converted 24s and 25s they all ran really well except the newer model which was made in China. Its fisnish is lovely and they pick up bogie has been modified so wheels on both sides pick up. Lots of whirring sound but it couldn't shift the train until I added more lead to it, then it wasn't as good as the older Margate models.  It was fun seeing a pair of 24s zooming around the train set, they also were happy trundling along at lower thyan normal line speed.


Last was my DJH class 25. it runs, it started with the train OK, and was a tad faster than the Bachy locos after a wheel clean and a oil up. When testing it light engine foe slow running it was fine. It when I stop it and reverse it, it goes a couple of inches and then stops, in both directions. Why I don't know? It does start to roll with a gentle touch of the hand of Odin , it did get threatened at one point with the hammer of Thor.


Off to continue loco testing, class 37s next.


I will leave you with these young ladies.


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Apropos of nothing in particular, last week I read a review (by Julie Burchill) of Debbie Harry's autobiography/memoir "Face It" (HarperCollins, 20 quid). Under the hard shell she seems to be quite a sensitive soul. Might be worth a read if you're that way inclined.

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