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How Many Hornby A4's Have You Got


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To answer the question, 


I have currently 2 A4's in my possession both Kings Cross Locomotives in March - May 1938 Condition. Being 2510 QUICKSILVER ( From the 80th Anniversary Quartet) and 4489 DOMINION OF CANADA ( From the Great Goodbye Set) I have just bought a 3rd A4 4491 Commonwealth of Australia, with the intention to turn the Loco into her sister 4492 Dominion of New Zealand also a Kings Cross A4 as of March 1938. 

Interestingly the reason for the time is due to 2510 being sent for a general overhaul and re-painting into LNER Garter Blue, while 4489 was not fitted with her bell until March 1938. Setting the period for these loco's. 

Finally worth of note is my Streamlined LNER P2 No.2003 which is a modified P2 with the Gr King Resin front end. Plan is to order the Hornby 2003 so she can sit with the W1 No.10000 and the 3 A4's proudly where all the liveries match, more importantly for me. I think, I will have all the LNER A4 fitted Tender types (1928 Corridor, 1935 Streamlined Corridor & Streamlined Non Corridor) 





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