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Bachmann FFA/FGA early container flats

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I have searched a bit can find no mention of problems with these wagons.


One of my return loops is made using radius 2 curves. I have encountered two problems with my wagons negotiating this return loop.  I found the drag increased dramatically as the train entered the loop and occasionally a short circuit occurred. I cured the first problem shaving a very small amount from the areas where the back of the flange touched part of the underframe. The short circuit was more of a problem. I was eventually able to narrow it down to one wagon and upon further investigation one end of one wagon. Because the bogie is at the absolute extreme of its travel on a radius 2 curve the oposite wheels on a bogie were just about touching the metal underframe.


I find it strange that only one end of one of the ten wagons i have has this fault. Has anyone encountered anything similar?

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