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Mixing hobbies - Has it ever been done? (Scalextric)

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A few of the named industrials in my fleet...




Arthur Brown


Blackfield II



So yes, I suppose mixing hobbies can be done  :tomato:

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Here is the 1960's british Tri-ang one http://www.tri-ang.co.uk/minicnew.html

You quite often get a Triang Railway/Minic Motorway layout at the shows. I've seen one a couple of times, last time at Warley 2013.

It's set up so the cars stop for approaching trains at the level crossings.



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Mixing my hobbies would be fun, and I don't think it's been done before.....


Trying to create a layout and run trains while driving a speedboat at 40knots might be a little challenging! Although modelling the Dawlish area, the sea spray would at least be realistic!



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Well mixing hobbies - I have lots.


Only ones which merge and home cinema and gaming. I use the same stuff for watching Blu Rays as I use for pointing red glowing controllers around or exploring other planets (eg Pandora)

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