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Shillingstone Bridge demolition - Appeal started and support required ASAP

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With respect, I presume you've read all the posts ??

And a look on Google Maps tells its own story - with the ground level to one side of the bridge (where the land has obviously been sold) being noticeably lower than what appears to be the former embankment height on the other.

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Streeewth + Gawd Almighty,....Talk about double standards in this country ! ! !...


....I've just read, in the local rag, that £120K has invigorated this New Forest cycle way. http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/11449704.Bridge_reopens_after___120k_repair_work/


No specific references to financial backers, but, it does appear that 'Money Counts'.

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Is it really the same situation though? The trackbed is the cycleway and the bridge carries ... (a road?) ... access to the campsite? And was apparently paid for by an organisation that wanted to use the bridge ("The work was undertaken by an organisation called Camping in the Forest" - they paid for it, I'd say). On the other hand, at Shillingstone, where is the organisation willing to pay (now) for the refurbishment? 


Double standards? Not at all (In my opinion)

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>>> I just hope ......the NDRT are taking over the financial responsibility.
Well, their website does say "Dorset County Council will arrange to lease the bridge to the North Dorset Railway Trust who will take responsibility for its refurbishment and future maintenance".

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