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Tender for a 4mm GNR Stirling Single

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A couple of years ago I acquired a job lot of two and a half Kitmaster Stirling Single kits - three locos and two tenders - just because I'd long wanted a model of one of these stylish machines despite being an NSR/LMS/GWR modeller with no particular interest in the GNR/LNER.


I have wheels, motor, etc to build and motorise one in EM gauge in GNR livery, and have already 3D printed GNR 6 wheel carriage bodies to make a train to go with it. The other two will be static display case models, also in EM, when I get around to building them.


My problem is, the tender in the Kitmaster kit is of an older design, with which the Stirling singles apparently did not run in service, only No1 being preserved with this style of tender by the LNER. The NRM rescued a suitable tender later and have just restored it to display with No1, and this more authentic combination looks much better. See: http://nationalrailwaymuseum.wordpress.com/2011/01/24/a-tale-of-two-tenders/ and https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151550223591136.1073741826.20340411135&type=3


My question is, can anyone point me to exactly what the dimensions of the "new" authentic tender are, so I can make it by 3D printing to go with my model(s)? (3D printing thread at: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/64692-nsr-brakevan-in-4mm-scale-by-3d-printing/) My bookshelf has very little GNR/LNER material and the GNR tender drawings or sketches I can find have absolutely no dimensions on them. A copy of a General Arrangement would be ideal, a scan of a modellers drawing would do. The 3D print can then be made available to anyone else who wants it via Shapeways or imaterialise.


Also, while tapping the brains of GNR experts out there, which locos did run with the earlier type of GNR tender from the Kitmaster kit, eg 0-6-0s that I could easily scratchbuild for the display case?


Many thanks


Mark Smith


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Hi Mark


You're probably way ahead of me, but have you tried Stirling Singles Hardcover – 1 Jul 1965 by Kenneth Howard Leech (Author), Maurice George Boddy (Author)? It's not in print, but you can probably order it from a library. It might have something in it.





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