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Shadows Modules

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Well, I've started!


Been measuring out the space available in the loft, and have come up with a plan. Total space available is 13' x 10'




Two 90o corner modules. These come out at about 4'6" each.


Three modules, each 2ft long.





To start with I'm going to do the three smaller modules first.


These will be double track, although for at home use will be a single track with a passing loop/siding.


The idea came from Peterstone Quarry siding just outside Wells-Next-The-Sea.

But since if I make these boards equivalent to double track they came be used for that also.


post-3744-0-40506500-1408295455_thumb.png post-3744-0-63506600-1408295458_thumb.png post-3744-0-35073500-1408295453_thumb.png


So far today, have made a start on two of the three 2' boards.




Will continue during the week as time permits.



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The three short boards will be just basic countryside. Nothing special.


One of the corner boards will be a Brickworks and associated buildings.


The other corner not sure yet, probably just countryside.

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I think the corner boards will be very useful as suspect we could end up not having enough of them in due course to get us around a hall :-)

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I'm also building a 90 degree corner module made up of two boards - which can be used separately to make a 45 degree turn each with boards inbetween or an S bend, or a complete 90 degree turn.  I did toy with the idea of making the inbetween scenery non-standard but came to the conclusion that splitting it added flexibility.

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A bit more progress.


Found some spare wire mesh ( Luckily Winters coming and the Guinea Pig run in the garden isn't going to be used for awhile. A long while!!)





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