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Blog- GWR Standard wooden halt in 7mm - Dont say SARSDEN say CHURCHILL . second part.

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I was hoping to use Balsa wood for this part but could only find Bass wood ,which is fine , but looks less aged and grainy. However, it was probably a bonus on the stability front.

I thought a base for the whole platform would aid stability as the platform was to be built around the front of the signal box.







I had already purchased a Skytrex GWR Pagoda and intended to upgrade this as well as use the whitemetal platform supports to save me much time.
















Then I got on with producing old sleepers for the platform surface and produced a crude dye for embossing impressions of where the chairs had been attached.













I fabricated lamps from the SD Mouldings range of parts, adapting them to fit on the end of the wooden posts which were then hollowed a little to take grain of wheat bulbs and wiring.









The Box is fully detailed and lit.











The Inspiration

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