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Not a clue, but I would be thinking of The Imperial War Museum as a likely place to look. Probably have a website, ah, a searchable image collection even, http://collections.iwm.org.uk/ Good luck.


Amberley Chalk Pit Museum has some WW1 narrow gauge like Simplex locos I think, an ex-boss who volunteered there took me for a putter round on such a thing.

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Hi, is there anywhere on the web I can find pictures of narrow gauge locos in service on the front line as im looking at building a small layout in 009 set in the first world war. Thanks in advance!

There is a site dedicated to the War Department Light Railways.




My own photo of one of the Hunslet 4-6-0Ts in the Australian War Memorial.





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You could join the narrow miltary rail yahoo group and the war office loco society groups on yahoo,






On the wdlr site, if you click on research there is a search facility for the austrailian war memorial site.


The imperial war museum site also has quite a lot of pictures.


Edit: pete wilsons 'willesden junction' is a good example of OO9 ww1 modelling,

some pictures here - http://campbell-modelrailway.fotopic.net/c1124166.html


and some more on the narrowmilitaryrail group



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