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Accessory Bus isolation Hornby Elite (at Present)

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Hi All

I am building a new layout and from all I have read it is best practice to have a separate Accesory Power bus


I have bought the new Cobalt ADS-8fx Decoders at RMweb (great chat with Richard Johnson and Pete) ( I already have 16 points wired using Peco point motors) and wired this in successfully

But how do I physically set up an accessory bus from the elite and I Understand I need to isolate this from the Track bus using an isolator such as the  PSX circuit breaker


Can someone explain exactly how the wiring would be done - I just cant get my head around where the leads would go in to the elite and where the circuit breaker sits






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The PSX sits between the DCC command station and the track. So you wire the track output from the command station to the PSX, and then from the PSX to the track.  In the event a short occurs, the PSX would cut track power before the command station sees the short.  With your Elite you will need to research whether it works properly with the PSX, ie to make sure its short-circuit protection does not operate faster than that of the PSX.


The PSX has a separate pair of terminals to allow you to link it to another PSX if, for example, you wanted to divide your layout into two separate sections but both under the control of the one DCC command station.  On my layout I simply connect the accessory bus to these terminals, which means that when the PSX cuts track power due to a short, the accessory bus remains live, and I can still change turnouts.  It's most unlikely the accessory bus would generate a short, but if it did, the command station would trip as normal.

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Thanks RFS


That explains it nicely Its actually a control on the track bus rather than the Accessory Bus


I intend chopping in the Elite for an ECoS 5000 and my research already says the PSX works ok with that system so out to get a PSX - wont be so critical if it doesn't suit the Elite


Thanks again

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