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Coal Staithes

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Most layouts I see have coal staithes backing on to the siding as if coal was unloaded from the wagon directly into the staithes over the top of the back of it.  I do not believe this was the case in the vast majority of coal yards.  The staithes were always sited away from the siding and coal was shovelled/barrowed from the wagon to the staithe for storage, or coal merchants would fill sacks directly from the wagon, or the coal was just emptied on to the ground.  I can't find any photographic evidence to support this.  The only one example I have seen lately is the coal at corfe castle on the swanage line.  Does my memory deceive me?



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Try typing 'coal staithes' into the search box at top right. The terminology (staithes, cells, bins, etc.), their use and location have been discussed many times before, often at great length. Broadly speaking, though, you're right, coal cells were frequently sited away from the sidings and often at teh edge of yards.



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