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Alex TM

Freight on London Underground - late 1960s?

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There's been enough 08s working on the southern without problemss. Maybe in the time of the Finchley goods there weren't enough to go round, they weren't suitable for distance work, maybe insufficient brake force for the train weight and gradient profile of the line?


As for Colin Marsden's credentials, he was a driver at Waterloo when i worked there; he went on to become a driver instructor at the South side Training School, so ought to know his stuff.


The LT Sentinels weren't a roaring success. Before introduction one was subject to a test run to Northfields and back. I was guard on a District train from Ealing Broadway to Upminster, a hot summer's afternoon. As we approached Acton town, we were held at the home signal. I looked down and saw the sentinel with match truck go under us from Northfields, heard a bang and it didn't re-appear the other side of the bridge. My motorman told me it had failed, it had blocked the delta track and we had to run eastbound up the Piccadilly Line to Hammersmith. Non-stop, what excitement with an R stock!

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