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Some pics, Class 31


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Subsequent attention to my 20s has shown that the NEM pockets can be squeezed with pliers, thereby removing the problem; odd that all 3 locos had this characteristic.

In my opinion the new 31 is streets ahead of the old one; I'm sure the details on the bogies will be appreciated once they're weathered.

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I can't recall ever seeing a green loco with the "arrows of indecision" logo. Or is it a post-blue era repaint into green?

Just found a picture of the actual 5826 in the John Dedman book BR Blue No. 5 dated October 1973.



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On 16/03/2015 at 15:42, richierich said:

Have to admit I'm not sure about the shape of the cab windows. Its looks a bit "sad", for want of better words.


N is good, but I'm cautious because the of old issue of the gears on wheelsets cracking. Its a ghost that keeps on haunting N gauge locos.

Well if they are made right from the start they don’t tend to break.

I have a 1984 Deltic Alycidon on original gears all fine and my 37254 new from 11 years ago is fine. An so are the other 20 from the past 3 decades or so.

occasionally you get a bad one. Mostly ones made in the mid 90s on. 
some are fitted too tight on the axles that is what causes the split.

its not oil temp or running it’s over tight tolerance (no tolerance) in my examples at least.


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