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After a few years away doing the virtual side of the hobby I've decided to come back to the practical side and see if a can get a small shunting layout completed before April next year. Why April? Well my firstborn should be arriving in the latter half of that month so I can't think of a better motivator to things done :)

The real kick up the Bum came from visiting Pecorama in September and the double purchase of a GWR pannier and Hornby magazine layout building magazine/book. 


So the layout, the track plan is near enough a copy of Gas Lane which I have found to be a great layout and got me going on this project, the track is a peco code 100 and I've no real intention (at present) to use DCC or electric points, I'm going to stick with standard DC control via a HM2000 controller and change points manually by hand.

I wanted the base board to be nice and light so I've gone with 4 sheets of 5mm Foamboard doubled up and stuck together to give a total area of 1188mmX420mm, the father in law kindly built a sturdy frame for the base to avoid any bending etc.. 

Metcalfe kits are taking a major role in this layout with the Brewery kit being the main focus, I've no real time or place set essentially it's whatever takes my fancy at the time!


pictures are forthcoming just trying to get the size down





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Changed the name of the layout as it goes better with my simulator screen name, work on the retaining wall is nearly complete once that's done platform will go down! The ratio crane has gone to the breakers yard to be replaced with a hybrid of metcalfes goods shed and double track engine shed. once the walls up pictures will follow!

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Making progress on the back wall tonight have found a suitable image for the hole by the warehouse, rather pleased with it as things go:




I'm trying to come to a decision as to whether i put the whit card behind the wall in or out of sight.






I realise taking the picture against a beige wall doesn't help  but I'm swaying towards out of sight due to the viaduct kit being high enough already.


Lastly i made another visit to train times in Easbourne,, I'm very glad to have this shop still with us and look forward to its continued growth :)  

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Looks good so far.


Thank You!


Been away in London for the weekend but now I'm back I decided to do a bit more back scene:




I know it doesn't look much but I've put the cap stones and actually stuck the walls to the baseboard. I've also put the wall for the single track fiddle yard in with its entrance to the layout, but this is drying at the moment. My next task is to finish off the wall, then I need to  decide on the final place for the buildings, put down the platform area, and ballast the layout.


Also whilst I was in London I decided to treat myself to a railroad shunter in Hamleys. Here's a pick of 'Bagnall'  along with the pannier from Pecorama and a Bachman 03, these along with Smokey Joe (up in the loft) will make up the motive power for the layout.



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Nothing much to report today, a work Christmas party took precedent this weekend! I have however finished the retaining wall the last piece is drying now, I'm hoping to get the platform area done next so that should be my next update :) Meanwhile heres a piccy!



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With the back wall finished I've moved on to the another building on the layout; the goods shed, which essential is a hybrid of Metcalfes double track engine shed and the goods shed:




couldn't really avoid the recess/bad wall join so I bricked up the window and will use the excuse of it having been rebuilt because of bomb damage. I will probably get some scaffolding to cover it up too, all that's left to do is to put a unloading platform inside the building and fix the roof on.


Now that this is done I need to build the small connection staircase for the factory building and get all that stuck down, once thats done its time to pin track down and ballast!


 Also I treated my self to this on ebay: 



My favorite class 90 and loco overall :) well chuffed with this the guy who repainted it has down a brilliant job.


In simulator news the last two bits of route DLC have been released for the ECML, and I'm halfway through 5 scenarios that see's you driving a HST from Dundee to Kings Cross :)


Happy Christmas everyone  


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