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Dettingen GCR might have been layout

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Thanks Richard, I think I'll give one of the Bill Bedford kits a go.


I happened to come across this photo today, look at those lovely pregroup wagons, nice isn't it: http://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/mrcgy915b.htm


It's from Birmingham central. There are more here: http://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/centralgoods.htm

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Thanks Richard, I think I'll give one of the Bill Bedford kits a go.


I happened to come across this photo today, look at those lovely pregroup wagons, nice isn't it: http://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/mrcgy915b.htm


It's from Birmingham central. There are more here: http://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/centralgoods.htm

they are great, they help with all the little details for the goods yard. Something i will need to get right if it is to look convincing.

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As promissed some green pictures and also some more of the stock for wagon afectionardos.

First up my B2, it came off e bay as a globilly painted LNER version with a hole in the boiler and wobbilly handrails and incorrect details, for instancehandrails on the tender. This is the result after some TLC.




Then the brake van which came from a GCRS kit originally D&S i think.


Then a scratchbuilt bogie wagon used for the Sheffield steel traffic, so simple as it is plasticard U section and a flat top, bogies are altered propriotory ones.


Then a CCT from a Peter Kay kit, which really only gave me sides and ends and i had to make the chassis and the roof and some of the external detail. What was there went together nicely, but i picked it up without instructions so the folding of the sides was a bit of guess work. It was this "kit" which convinced me that it would be as easy to scratch build a wagon as the sides and the ends are the easiest part.

It is finished in the brown livery to run along side the cream and brown era coaches.


Then a move forward to the BR era running with a lovely J11 shunting in the exchange sidings. I can not take any credit for it as it was built by Tont Geary. It  is a little engines kit which i read about as a school boy and was lucky enough to get from him when he converted to the dark side (7mm).


Lastly my Standard 5 shunting in the station, it is shots like this that convinced me i needed to back date the layout as it is a Bachmann loco, sure i have detailled it but i do not get the same kind of buzz out of seeing it run as it was r-t-r (so i have less time invested in it), and i can see very similar ones on other layouts.



As for comparing the station to the Bachmann model, you only have to ask, i could list differences: Lets start with no wooden batons on the sides of my staircase, and Bachmanns does not have plants and a loo with a loo  with a chain in the waitingroom. - why, because when it is lit you can see the chain hang down in the window of the loo.

Stil no guesses on the pink engine?



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I thought i would include some locos and stock in a drip feed as i resize old photos and build new stock. First up some locos.

I have to explain that i intend to run in 4 era from pre grouping, grouping, BR and preservation. I also have a thing for proposed locos two of which appear here.


First up the crosti standard 5 which would have been the next batch built. It is more than an extra smokebox door as the boiler taper ges the other way to fit the chimney on the side, it is a DJH top with a Bachmann chasis and a tender from elsewhere. It has left bits to do the standard 2-8-0. The standard 2-8-2 is already done, pics of that later.



I have just noticed this photo, young Bertie Wooster seems to have bit of a "dash on" to catch his train. :O  :O  :O  Not all the wheels of the car are in contact with the ground.



I am innocent M'Lord. I stood there with me cuppa tea in me hand saying "You don't want to do it like that." :nono:

You see I still need to be there saying "You don't want to do it like that."


Next thing will be a bus on the bridge, breaking all of Andy's rules :rtfm:

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you mean like this one?

i sent it to him, there was enough steam raised to power my entire fleet of locos for a year.


Rest assured It will not be staying there. It is a pet hate of mine too. What other pet hates should i aviod to not wind up the punters?

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Stunning work on the 'Sam Fay'.  I've got one myself (the K's kit, I think) bought like yours for a song on Ebay and awaiting a rebuild.  Mine's already in GC livery but may/ may not go into early LNER livery; I can't imagine City of Lincoln would be repainted again right on grouping having only gone into GC green in August 1922...

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from my records city of lincoln picked up its LNER number in march 1924 and infact was the first of the class to do so, it could all be just when they went through works for a general repair. The last was city of liverpool in may 1925.

If i am wrong please someone correct me.


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A wagon set .

First up the completed bolster wagons, and the loaded open. the bigest headache i find is in gettng wood areas to look like wood i have tried many colour combimnations not sure which i am happiest with, i think the steel carrier probiblly is most realistic.



Then the open wagons, the Hornby coke wagon needed brake handles on ends filed off and an interior fitted, if like me s&p couplings are being used the underframe needs to have a fair amount cut away. The other is a 5 plank from Mousa models, the best kit i have built, as it it was easy and had great detail, not that i did a decent job on it. Both had wood interiors to paint up, it is that realism game again. Last is the D&S brake van


Then on to the passenger rated stock:

first a fish truck in pre1908 livery again D&S irritatingly the "Truck" transfer does not fit on the door as it should.


Two CCT the one in brown is the early versin from the Peter Kay kit, the other with high windows is the later version with the added problem of trying to replicate teak matchboarding. i think i do it to punish myself. I was also used as an elephant truck, if i had known how much light would show inside i would have fitted a scale elephant inside.


Lastly the distraction which i have sratchbuilt for my son as he is mad on Rosie from t tank engine, once painted i will finish the platelayers hut.


Next update will be layout or loco based.

Edited by richard i
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The platelayers hut is built and it replaces the kit built inaccurate one. I have included before and after pictures because it got me thinking, 7 years ago when i started to build the layout i was happy with the kitbuilt inaccurate building, it had a sloping roof and wood planking, a chimney and a door. However it has nagged me more recently as the roof sloped the wrong way, the door should be on the end and it should not have a window. What it has got me thinking about is how much more of my layout will i be dissatisfied with in another 7 years time when i feel it might be nearing completion? Maybe that is why layouts are never truely finished? It is also why i am driving myself at the moment to build everything spot on, including interiors as i do not want to have to retrospectively fit one. Having said that the platelayers hut does not have an interior. Done because it has no window to see it, and i can not have every hut and store with a door open that would look perculiar.

The beady eyed amongst you might also have noticed how the station entrance has gone from red brick to engineers blue brick from the early to later photos. Another element that bugged me once i saw how it was done at Rothley. That and Andy kept reminding me that i would not be able to live with it knowing it was wrong. I therefore will give the alterings i d their scientific name, it is the Bell affect. (After Andy). I do curse him when he is right about these things but i am very grateful as he knows how my mind works when it comes to modelling.






So was it worth the effort?

It leaves the weighbridge as the only kitbuilt building on the layout. It is almost right but the window top is the wrong shape and they didn't have a side awning.......... I am feeling the Bell affect happening again.

Also is the next project some great figures from Staden. Pewter Edwardian figures with tons of detail, i hope my fine detail painting is up to it.


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This is a model, right?  Not some photos of the GCR with your bookshelves photoshopped in behind? :D


Seriously the more I see of this, the more impressed I am (and the more I start thinking 'I'll have to do that when I get to my layout'). 


I think I also recognise several of the books on the shelves behind- George Dow's Great Central trilogy, the pair of 'Great Central in LNER Days books', 'Through Great Central England', 'Great Central Then and Now' and 'Echoes of the Great Central', perhaps?  I've got them all myself- it's reassuring to see my own book-buying activities are on the right lines.

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That is kind of you to say so. Yes you can see my great central shelf, your book identification is spot on. There is an LNER one too.

I will post up the insides of the buildings next as having done the platelayers huts all the buildings are done for the layout as it stands. Once it gets end boards with curved track on to take it to a fiddle yard behind then i will have loads of houses to build. Full interiors? logic and sence would say no but i just have a feeling the Bell affect will be too much to resist.


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As promissed lets take a tour through the buildings.

If you arrived by train as you approached the station you would see the lamps being got ready in the lamp ut, with the filing cabinet top draw open and stuffed with papers. Why? But i am assured that is how Rugby's lamp hut was when it was gone round by a corespondant of mine.


Then there was the signal box with the signal man relaxing he must take a break when he can. The interior of this was discribed by my friend John Cluro who was a GC signalman. I did not put in the melomine? flooring as i prefered to try my hand at the wood grain effect.


Once in the station you may go to the gents, redone with white urinal after a visit showed m early guess of black was wrong, you will have to take my word for it but once the light comes on it the sit down loo you will see it is fited with a seat and a chain on the cistern.


Then to the waiting room copied from Roathley including the pictures and the fire guard. I am pleased with the mirror which is a photo of what you actually see in the mirror in the rothley waiting room. The plants are their as well. I have mirrored the waiting room as half is now used as a cafe on the present Great Central.





Beyond that is the booking office which the roof does not come off due to the building being the cantilever for the platform roof but hopefully some of the desk, chair, ticket staff, and mug of tea can be made out.




lastly the stairs where a sailor is returning to his excited children on shore leave.


You will have to take it from me that the factory has an interior, this will be visible when the lights get wired up for it.

Like i said, when i come to do the town scene i could be busy for a while.



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A montage of locos, most fit into my other passion of prototype or proposed locos, only a couple would have run on the GCR but they run when i run it in its "preserved" railway mode, with all the new builds built in preservation who is to say that these would not be built and run on the preserved GCR as it is the only preserved railway where they can truely stretch their legs(wheels)

First up one that would have run, GT3 a golden arrow model which has extras added. I broke one of the windows and Goldern Arrow sent a spare free of charge, such excellent customer service. It did appear in BRM and from that more infomation came to light, it should have chequer plate on its running plate and its doors should be green, the colour might also be a shade or two too light, but then my friend who did see it for real was more concerned with the V2 in the next bay - thanks Peter.



So for him a V2, my crownline kit, it is up there as one of the kits i am most proud of.


and an impossible scene except if some new builds are made in the next few years


Then the turbomotive, a Dean sidings top with front drilled out to fit etched mesh, a comet chassis, (great news that that great range will continue) and then a resprayed Hornby tender.



And lastly the proposed BR 2-8-2 which i thought would be a simple swap of rear drivers for a pony truck but in the end it is an old Hornby body with the 9F pipe work transfered across, on a hacked Bachmann chassis and tender. The freedom of the never built is once the diagram has been followed the rest is up for guess work so it is more difficult for the over obsesive rivet counters to nit pick. I do like the research aspect of finding out all the known aspects so that it leaves as little as possible to guess work.


I have enough bits for the proposed 2-8-0 but have not got around to marrying them up to complete it. The standard 0=6-0 chassis seems to be more difficult to source. I would like in time to have a LNER P3, (one came on Ebay and i stupidly did not bid on it) and the GCR propossed 2-6-0 and 2-10-2 (both sorts)


Some argue that you should model what was there, and whilst i do in the main, it is nice to have a go at these as it does not seem less believable to me as i did not see steam (unfortunately) when they were on the mainlines. I can see younger steam fans going for the more attractive grouping or pre grouping liveries as nostalgia does not play a part ion their decision making. Or they will build preserved railways so what they model is what they see, eg an LNER rake passing a Maroon set of Mk1s on another working.


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And the reason for thelack of posts.....



It is a scrach built top out of plasticard, do not look too closely at the paint job as it was a speedy project for christmas, my son is chuffed to bits with it as he has been asking for a rosie fora couple of year but no one does one.

Also i went to my first train show State side, it is different with less manifactures but much more r-t-r on offer from box shifters and second hand. I did find a 1980s class 47 and three coaches, the 47 was $70 which is a bit steep me thinks,



but then not as much as was wanted for this broken double helex.


Best layout there was this representation of 1910 pensylvania ,


part of a modular layout so it was next to a war of the worlds board, something i struggle to come to terms with.


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Actual progress, though not ballasting. Still trying to avoid that.

Two David Geen kits, a 10 ton van and its smaller 8 ton brother. I can recommend these kits they went together so well and loads of info and photos on the 10 ton van to help with building. What was refeshing with the 8 ton van was a huge dose of honest about the lack of info available and what was known and what was not. Far better than trying to fob off inaccurate info or not say anything and have the builder search only to come up with the same block that the kit manifacturer did.




Next up is a coal wagon and the Edwardian people are a Christmas job. Still putting off ballasting.

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There are few photos of the smaller type of van (GC diag 12) in GC condition. The best I have seen is probably the one in LNER Wagons vol 1 by Peter Tatlow (p125.)  Some were converted to insulated vans circa 1917 and in this condition carried a white circle on the RH side with the 'GC' pushed up to the top. An interesting variation if it suits your time frame.


The larger vans (GC diag 17) also came in fitted format. In addition, the CLC had some unfitted ones - some of which eventually ended up with the LMS. So again, some variety is possible.


By the way, if you would like a copy of my list of GC wagon diagrams, which gives some numbers and other bits of info, by all means drop me a PM.

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the pre christmas rush of wagons continues.

First up a GCR 10 ton long wagon.


I have not fitted the number as i can not find suitablly sized white numerals, does any one know where i can get some?

Second by contrast a short 10 ton open wagon.


Third a POW wagon fully coaled- these wagons look so much more purposeful with a load in them.


Lastly a rail and timber wagon, i do want to load it up too but need to find realistc wood for a oad. Does anyone have a suggestion for a cheep load that looks great?


It still continues to stun me how productive i can be when i am trying to avoid ballasting.

These will now go into the rake, i have a full fiddle yard road of GC wagons now. Do i build coaches or more wagons- that is the question?

Just a couple of shots of them together



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