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I decided to put all my projects under one heading rather than start a new topic every time, so here goes.


NIR CAF 4000


Just completed a conversion of a Bachmann Class 170 into a representation of an NIR CAF 4000.




The main work was in the roof, getting rid of the 170 bits and adding roof ribs and vents.



Otherwise a repaint job but the livery design meant lots of masking and re-masking to get the NIR livery.  The decals are from Railtech.




I did a short video of the CAF in action on Kirley Junction and tried to embed it with out success. Here is the link


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CIE Bredin Coaches


I built three coaches, a Buffet and two Corridor Standards, using JM Design Kits.  They are coach side overlays designed to fit a Dapol Stanier 60' body shell. 

I must congratulate John on these excellent kits and also for his aftersales service for people like me who have difficulty in reading written instructions.


Buffet Car








Corridor Standards














I did a very brief video of them running at Kirley Junction




but I still can't embed the clip so here's the link



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Kieran where do you get the corridor connections? They look very good. Do they touch when the coaches are coupled?


Colin, they are supplied as part of Dapol Stanier kit.  No they are a distance apart as you can see if you view the video.

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UTA Brown Vans.



The Brown Van had either a 14' or 15' wheelbase which ruled out using anything in the Dapol kit range.


I contacted Cambrian Models and Parkside Dundas who were excellent in trying to meet my requirements.  Both put forward underframe suggestions.  The Cambrian ones involved cutting and lengthening the solebars of some of their wagons while Parkside had a Plate Wagon chassis (PC16) with a wheelbase of 15'.




For the bodies I used Evergreen 4080.  Roofs to meet the 24' length were not available but I stumbled across Coopercraft who did RFC MON Roof 50' (Ex Monster Vans) and cut them to fit.






The underframes in black are the Parkside with the 2 grey from Cambrian Models.


Waiting on some Evergreen Channel to finish off the door runner's and then ready to paint.



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Finished building my Vans and painted them.








I attached a Provincial Wagon (UTA Van) at the end of the rake to show the difference in size of these 24' Wagons.








I did a short video of the wagons in action on "Kirley Junction"





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SSM brought out Barrier Tank Kits which will go along with the soon to be released Ammonium Tanker Kits.


The Barrier Wagons sit on top  of 42' flat Wagons also supplied by SSM so you have to build the Flats as well as the Barrier Tanks.







The build is straight forward except for the Flats which are 'fiddly' in parts.




The kits are in brass which can be soldiered or Superglued.  The resulting Wagons are quite heavy resulting mainly from the brass tube used for the tank body.




Looking forward to the release of the Ammonium Tanker Kits and to run an 'Ammonium Train'.

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My current project is building brass coaches and I decided to use Bachmann Commonwealth bogies.  Then the problem arose in how to attach the plastic bogie frames to the brass underframe and most importantly be able to run properly.


I consulted with 'Hidden Agenda', my engineering guru on these type of issues and he outlined the principals to follow.


This is what I came up with using Evergreen Tubing 224 & 226 and plastic card.



I tried this but it did not give me enough clearance for the bogie to swing freely so I added a  plasticard collar to lift the bogie.  A square piece of plasticard is fitted over tube to act as a retaining nut.




Finally a test run to ensure all ran freely.


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Park Royal Coaches



I used Park Royal sides from Worsley Works along with underframes and roof from Comet.  I also got a resin bodied kit from IFM so I've ended up with 5 coaches.



I blocked out the circular windows on some of the coaches.









Some Coaches will be painted CIE Green and the rest Orange/Black.





The other Coach in the picture is a K15 which is part of another Project.






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The Park Royals and K15 look very neat. The Comet underframe, ends and roof looks like a good time saving compromise for building a rake of coaches over using the Worsley Works parts and forming the roof from scratch.


The same principal could be applied to the Worsley Works Laminates, the brake standard version appears in several Jonathan Allen photographs of the CIE Enterprise and other long distance trains in the pre-Supertrain era.


Look forward to seeing the AEC railcarss

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Worked on the interiors of the Park Royal Coaches. There were two types, Suburban and a smaller number of Mainline coaches. The Suburban's had no toilets but had bench type seat at the door area.  I have tried to replicate both types (with expert help from John M). 
















I used Comet seating but found it very tedious to have to cut out that hard plastic.  Would be interested in hearing of recommendations on other coach seating.

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Having done many coach projects like yours, in all honesty, the word "tedium" has to be high on the list of adjectives, especially building a batch, as you are! Your speed continues to impress me.  I have used the comet stuff, but it might be worth while checking out "southern pride" who do seating as well for Mk1 and Mk2 coaches - especially for open coaches, they do separate seats. (you cannot order on line from them by the way, but I have found them pretty quick by post.


I look forward to seeing some 50s and 60s CIE trains on your layout. 



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Thanks for posting the photos of your work in one place makes it easy to follow your progress which is staggering!! when do you sleep?! its taken me an age to do one 6whl coach this winter! question; whose paint and what shade do you use for the CIE dark green? I tried mixing some Tamiya acrylic and it just didn't wok for me.

   Regards Mike.

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