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NIR Class 70 6 Car Set


Primer coat on the two Intermediate Trailers, roofs just sitting on top.






Dining Car #550




Using a Dapol 60' coach as donor.





Hacked down the coach and attached the brass sides.  Also started on the interior.




Dry fitting the kitchen and bar area.


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NIR Class 70 6 Car Set  Dining Car 550


Seating area and bar completed.





Picture of the old bar area on display at RPSI, Whitehead.



Build now completed. Brass sides to get a coat of etch primer and the interior to be painted.  With thanks to Ian Sinclair, Mark Kennedy and Colm Flanagan for advice on the interior layout and colours.




Getting information on the roof layout was yet another challenged and I am indebted to Lambeg Man for getting me there.




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3 hours ago, pat141 said:

it can be difficult to get all the detail info which can mean hunting

the internet, books, DVD's, YouTube etc and still be no wiser.

So true Pat, very few photos shows the item in the detail a modeller requires 

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Excellent work Kieran.  Looking forward to seeing this progress.


I remember the three car 70 Class units on the Larne line as we moved to Belfast in 1978.  I recall seeing them from our house on the slope of Cave Hill (Ben Madigan Park South) passing the, then under construction, M5 causeway.





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NIR Class 70 6 Car Set   Power Car.


Used a Dapol 60’ body and added the remainder from a 57’ coach to make up the 64’ length.








Plasticard front, thanks to Darius for the idea.




Extended the chassis to 64’. 




Dry fit for the front and roof.




Preparing to bend the tumblehome.




Interior completed, it’s hard to believe but that took me 4 hrs to do.





Cutting out seats from a Replica Railways inset took up most of the time.




One of the hardest parts in this type of build is to get the roof to sit correctly on the body.  The Dapol coach donor has ‘lips’ on the glazing for the roof to latch onto.  I sliced off this part of the glazing and stuck it back on the coach interior to do the same job.





Also I had to do the front headlight at this stage as the front part of the roof has to be stuck on to mold it to the front.




The first attempt was too bright so I added a second resistor to tone down the brightness.




Roof with headlight and front in place. 




Some ‘bits’ added to the underneath to represent the various parts, thanks again to Darius for the source for these.






Lots still to do.

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NIR Class 70 6 Car Set Power Car

Painted the interiors and added an ‘engine’ to the Power Car.



NIR Class 70 6 Car Set Power Car

The second Power Car required a motorised chassis and I used a Class 108 because I had one.




The chassis had a PCB to control the pickups which I needed and lights which I didn’t.



First job was to cut the chassis and I used plasticard and epoxy resin to lengthen it to 64’. 






The PCB also had to be cut and joined, a job I sub-contracted to Tony Ragg.


IMG_0449x.jpg.93fa31f7a47b3e081cd9fea731f53d51.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                    It took a bit of milling on the motor block but I eventually got the 60' Dapol coach body to fit.




The front Cab, cut from a 57' coach, had to be adapted to allow access to the 8 pin plug.




Then the 'hacking commenced, preparing the Dapol to receive the brass sides, not my favorite job.






Edited by kirley
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A big report ! thanks and as said before a master at work , use of 108 a good idea - my mind is more toward the Replica twin motor at 64 foot - and as I have one to hand but it makes a nonsense of the 60/57 cut and shut for the cab- which sorts out the roof so well, so will have to think on.   I look forward  to the final painted version - you are due a good rest after this 6 car affair!    

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Thanks Robert but I think 'master at work' is stretching it a bit. Have to look at a different roof arrangement as I will need access to the 8 pin plug in the cab, I have an idea but will have to see if it works.

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22 minutes ago, Colin_McLeod said:

Was that the 70 class set that did the Enterprise for a while before the Hunslets started in summer 1970?

I am assuming yes as dining car 550 is part of the build. It displaced the BUT set before giving way to the Hunslet’s and returning to the NCC section 

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I recall Noel Scott from Lisburrrrrrn, excitedly telling me a "River class (70) would be coming over next week to do the Dublin".


The following Monday morning we both were to be seen standing on Lisburn up platform to watch it going through at speed.

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Hi Colin and Kirley,


My recollection of the 'new' Enterprise set in January 1969 was going down to Lambeg station about 19.30 on the first evening it was running (can't remember who tipped me off), where Noel Scott was acting as relief 'porter' that evening and watching the '70 class' set running through. I can still recall being thrilled at the 'thump - thump - thump' noise and the bright headlight... To this day, I can still remember the feeling of "that's a train".....


Diner No.550 came across with the initial set, but by June 1969 the ex-GNR No. 554 and an ex-GNR trailer were cabled up to work with the 'Class 70' set. No. 550 went back to the NCC section and being already dual wired went back into use in an MPD set.  

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9 hours ago, Lambeg Man said:

I can still recall being thrilled at the 'thump - thump - thump' noise and the bright headlight... To this day, I can still remember the feeling of "that's a train".....


Me too. Totally agree "that's a train."

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NIR Class 70 6 Car Set  

Brass sides added to this Power Car and then worked on the front and roof.











Added an interior to the Power Car.




Reduced the size of the fixed part  of the roof to allow access to the Cab. The headlight housing from a cut down golf tee.




Lights added to one of the Intermediates. Used a resistor to tone them down.





Edited by kirley
re-sorting photos
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16 hours ago, pat141 said:

 nearly painting time.


If only Pat. That’s 5 models basically completed.  I’m still waiting for the First/Brake etch from Allen Doherty, (apparently he needs to have a fully filled A4 size sheet before he sends it away for the etching process) so I will just have to wait until others place enough orders to complete the sheet. I mistakenly was sent the etch for the Driving Trailer so I may make it up while I’m waiting so I could have the option to run the shorter set.  I’m reluctant to start painting until I have all the models built. There is still a 1001 things to do on what I have. I was thinking maybe I get it finished by Easter and then I remembered Easter is early this year.

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