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I can really only help with numbers for the K15 coaches.

I have divided them into 2 lists: those which went to CIE and those to the UTA on the break up of the GNR.














To the UTA (UTA number in brackets):

262 (402)

263 (404)

32 (400)

77 (406)

81 (408)


Neither list is complete but as you can see, GNR coach numbering was not exactly logical.

I don't know which were wired for operation with the AEC railcars.


In regard to transfers, a few suggestions.

Studio Scale Models do a full kit for the K15 which I believe includes transfers. An email to Des O'Sullivan might help.

Also, Railtec Transfers do some Irish stuff.

Finally, there is Sunrise Transfers in Glasgow who do transfers for buses, including the GNR. These might work.


I am watching your build very closely as I am pondering buying the Worsley Works bits for the AEC's.


Best of luck.



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Nos 98 & 186 were definitely K15 AEC trailers, but 145 was not renumbered in the railcar series by the UTA, unlike 98 & 186, which would suggest it was not a railcar trailer.


There is a good picture of K15 176 in railcar livery, in Norman Johnston's 'The GNRI in Colour' on page 24. It is running as a BUT trailer, but the livery, and positioning of decals should be the same.

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There is, what appears to be, a metal plate on the coach end, which seems to have a large K on it, plus other smaller lettering. I would say it is probably some sort of builders plate showing the coach class with the build date and possibly the place of build, namely Dundalk. All GNR coaches have a plate in this position, but none I have looked at are readable.

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Back from holidays and onto the AEC build again.  All fiddly bits like buffers, gangways, wipers, door handles and grab rails to be done before priming.





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This is the plate attached to the end of a K15 coach. It's approximately 9" x 3".


We've been asked to make a custom run of transfers for these coaches, and I think we can equally include a transfer for this plate as it would really add a nice level of detail. Thanks for sharing.

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NIR Ballast Wagons.


I started these wagons in the beginning of 2014 and hacked these beautiful Piko Models to look something near our NIR Wagons.




The trick bit was building the compressors and covers at one end and knowing my limitations I outsourced this part of the build to someone who has that expertise.  The results were excellent as you can see.




I added the hand wheels and plasticard strip along the body and of course some paint.




These wagons were never that colour for very long and in use are more like this.








I'll try and load a short video of the Ballast Train in action on Kirley Junction



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New info has come to light regarding K15 145. It seems it was renumbered 416 until 1962 when it was again renumbered, to 580. No 580 is, in fact, an AEC trailer, but whether it was a trailer before 1962 is not recorded in the new info.

As stated previously, there were only two other K15 AEC trailers transferred to the UTA, 98 and 186. I do not have any info on CIE AEC trailers. 

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Bredin Parcel/Brake Van.


Working my way through an SSM Bredin Parcel/Brake Van kit.  It is the first SSM coach kit I've attempted and my congratulations goes out to Eamon Kerney to designed it.  I'm not saying it was easy but a lot of thought went into the way it was designed to come together and making sure all the angles are right.




I'm still struggling with the scissor arms on the Gangways but beside that there just the painting and glazing to do to finish it.  I've modelled it in the later CIE version.



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Are those the AEC railcars in the background that you were working on?

Any chance of some more detailed shots?




All in good time my friend, there are to many niggles to sort out first, but my decals arrived today from Railtec so once I get those done and the glazing I'll work on the niggles.  Hopefully soon I'll be ready to put up some pictures.

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GNR K15 Coach

I decided I needed a 'proper width' coach for my AEC Railcar Set so I ordered a kit from SSM.


The building of the SSM Bredin Parcel/Brake Van previously was helpful in working out how things were done.  Here are the results so far.








Just to complete the interior but I need a roof roof badly, Des (SSM) is endeavoring to get me one post haste. 

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GNR Coal Wagons


At the Bangor Show last April I picked up two lovely Provincial Wagons GNR Coal Wagon kits and I'm only getting round to building them now.  They are only a 20 minute build with the painting etc taking longer.






They are definitely too clean to be wholesome. 


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The niggles with my AEC Set continue.  I only used one Black Beetle motor to power this Set but on a trial run today the weight of the brass on the two Railcars was to much for the one motor.  It went fine on the flat but on my 'Alpine' layout it struggled badly on the higher levels.  My original 'Narrow' K15 added to much weight, never mind the full SSM brass K15 currently under construction.  So the only decision is to strip out the non Power Car and add another Black Beetle motor, O Happy Days!




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